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Tips for setting up Skytrak with Fiberbuilt Practice Station

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  • Tips for setting up Skytrak with Fiberbuilt Practice Station

    I've had my Skytrak for a few years and originally used it with a CCE mat. I could easily sit the Skytrak next to the CCE; unfortunately the CCE caused pretty severe elbow problems--so I opted for the Fiberbuilt Practice Station and Flight Deck. I'm struggling to figure out the best way to use the Skytrak with the Practice Station, since it has the ball trough between where the Skytrak will sit and the Flight Deck hitting area. I've actually considered cutting away the ball trough, as I don't use it anyway.

    Appreciate any thoughts or tips!


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    Damn mine is being shipped. Did not realise it would not fit I presumed if close you could remove the ball trough.


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      Seems distance is ok


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        I've only tried it once, as I haven't used mine setup in a while. Looks like maybe I did not have the Skytrak sitting high enough, as the pic above shows the dot much closer to the center of the hitting area than when I tried mine. I didn't spend time trying to make sure things were level, etc., just was doing a quick test. So hopefully getting the height correct will be the solution.



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          Practice station works fine with Skytrak but because it’s not square it requires an extra 5min setup with a good level and alignment sticks. Not sure if I like the hitting surface though as it’s really stiff/course like a heavy commercial broom. I replaced the circular turf with a cutout piece of my CCE mat as a temporary solution till I can find something better. Works good enough


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            Skytrak with Fiberbuilt Practice Station is my exact setup. It's definitely just a height (of Skytrak) issue. My Skytrak is in the metal protective case (which elevates it 1-2 inches), and it's positioned perfectly up against the ball trough.


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              Yep all setup and love the fiberbuilt practise station.