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Crashing Software Help!

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  • Crashing Software Help!

    My golf sim software is crashing on my laptop for the last month - every time. I'm at a loss now but will summarize as much info as I can:

    Skytrak with E6 connect. Both software will crash in same fashion
    Laptop is Asus ROG Strix Gaming Laptop Intel Core i5 GTX 1650 Ti - used last year without any issue. Problems only started after I started sim back up this year
    Crash is usually immediately after I hit a ball - however I have gone through period when it crashes on start up, or it may let me hit 5-6 balls. Originally it was giving me a very quick pop up about unity crash handler before closing the program. Other times the software will freeze and say "not responding in top left" Now its just closing the software.
    Connects in network mode no problem
    Have had techs from Skygolf on my laptop for approx 2 hours trying to resolve - no luck
    Microsoft C++ is update
    Graphics Drivers are updated
    Windows 10 is updated
    Skytrak and E6 connect are updated - both have been uninstalled and re installed.
    Laptop has been completely reset to factory settings.
    Skytrak software seems to work fine when I tried it on my iphone.
    I have my laptop hooked up to a projector but the problem is the same even if I unhook the projector.

    Does anyone have any idea where to go with this from here? If you think you may be able to help please keep in mind I would be quiet average in my computer knowledge.