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Broken OG skytrak

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  • Broken OG skytrak


    Ive had the OG skytrak for 9 years now! nothing but positive things to say about it. Unfortunatley the USB connector broke on me a month ago. I am into lithium batteries so i ended up by passing the charging port (and therefore giving up on usb connection) and putting in an external battery that I could charge on my own. It worked for about 10 sessions.

    Yesterday, when i pressed the on button... no lights came on. I fiddled around with it for a while but no luck. Believe it or not I can actually HEAR the machine running but no lights or no signs of connecting when using skytrak/TGC2019. So 2 things.

    1) Does anyone have any recommendations for trying to get it up and running properly?

    2) Is it worth it at this point to send it in for repair? Am I better off just buying another used one or maybe even upgrading to skytrak+/Eye mini?

    Would love to hear some thoughts and opinions. Thank you

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    Hi, Please visit service where mobile phone or other electronics is reapered. They shall quicly inatall new USB port.


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      It's past that point. The board has been damaged and now even with a battery it's not turning on. But yes...I should have done that before I started tinkering myself.


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        It's probably worth sending in for a repair. Contact our support team via the link below, and our team will handle the RMA process

        Need help with your SkyTrak launch monitor? Reach out to our dedicated support team. Find contact details, hours of operation, and get prompt assistance for all your SkyTrak inquiries and concerns.