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TGC GPU requirement

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  • TGC GPU requirement

    What is the minimum video card I can get away with , while using TGC ? I have a powerful machine but never bought a video card since I dont play games. I am looking for a minimum graphics card I can use to play TGC. I will be hitting into a net (not a projector) and will be mirroring the output from my PC into a LED TV. Any opinions ?

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    What resolution are you hoping to run on your TV? The demands will be less on the video card at 720P vs 1080P. If your TV is less than 40", the difference between 1080P and 720P is not huge IMHO (I am sure others would disagree).


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      I have a 55 inch TV. What is the appropriate card for 720P and 1080P ? I would prefer 1080P but depends on how much more I have to shell out for the card.


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        I think the Nvidia GTX 1060 is the recommended card for 1080P these days. I am not sure about 720P. I went with the GTX1070 card but its overkill IMHO.

        I think FaultyClubs did a great summary here:

        He recommends the 1060 for 1080P I believe.

        This thread is also VERY good to help understand the graphics settings:

        Summary, if the 1060 card fits your budget, that will be golden. If not, I am not sure what you are sacrificing and hopefully someone else can chime in with real world info.
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          Are you referring to the 3 gb or 6 gb model? There is roughly an $80 difference

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            Not sure.... I think the 970 was a 4GB model and worked well. The 1060 should perform very similar to the 970 but I am not sure if you need the 6 vs the 3.

            Can anybody else help out with the 3 vs 6 GB?

            Sorry I can't be more helpful!


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              I have a r9 290 and it runs tcg at 60 fps on my computer monitor at 1440p with high settings.

              Basically older generation card of Nvidia 970 or newer generation 1060. For amd, R9 290 or 390 older model or 480 current generation model.

              If you want future proofing 4k graphics then nvidia 1070 or 1080 or amd new card getting released this spring 500.