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Congrats to @Chris Stevens (NET) and @allen2be (GROSS) winning the TGC 2019 SPRING TOUR - Masters Tournament !

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    Hey, anyone else have these? We have two GPS units. Overall, they're ok. However we struggle with a couple functions, and support has not fixed the problem. Any experts out there on these units?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I've had these for 7 years and know them very well. What are you having trouble with?


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      Thanks Igor, we struggle to get the green putting arrow. You have to lean over the ball to lower the amount of light going into the side camera to get the green arrow. It seems like I've tried every aperture setting on that camera, but some reason, you have to bend over and place the ball to get the green arrow. Does this make any sense? We've tried putting from the forward and hitting area, doesn't matter. Again, thanks!


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        Ah the good ol' side camera. I stopped using it years ago because there was a massive fault with the code which took SCS only 2 years to admit! Are you using halogen or IR lights? There is a file in the GPS Golf Sim folder like "TopCamParameters.ini" etc - they drive the settings of the cameras. There are 2 for side cameras. The 3 most important factors are:
        1. Exposure
        2. Contrast
        3. Gamma

        I suggest starting to tweak Expsure and may be reducing the number a little to get less reflection from objects in the field of view. You can also reduce Gamma to 0.9 or 0.8 (default is 1). Contrast seems to help top camera only but may be useful in side as well.

        If you want upload the log folder images so I can see the numbers and FOV.


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          Yeah, you can tell it's a function of the side camera. When you go to the side camera calibration screen, and mimic placing the ball, which we have to do to get the green arrow, you can see that when the ball turns from blue to white (on the top image, alignment), that's when we are able to get the green arrow on the putting screen. We have IR lights.

          On ours, it looks like the files that hold those settings are SCCamSideParamInfraredLighting.ini. I noticed something else while digging through them. It looks like they are operating with Ueye 3.8. Shouldn't that be closer to version 4.7? Is that not properly installing during updates? One other issue we have is cameras will randomly drop.

          Let me know if these are the images you're looking for.

          Again, Thanks!!


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            Heya, Ok first thing is I think you have too much over head lumens... I was running about 25-30% less on mine for "perfect" reads. What are those two white dots? They could cause issues but if the driver picks up it's unlikely that they are the problem.
            the version number of uEye doesn't make much difference either. Again, if your driver shots are reading it's all fine. Try this... put a cover over the side camera that blocks it completely when putting and try using overhead only. Let me know if that works (use hitting position setting).

            If it doesn't I think I know what could be the problem (ie too much lumen)


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              Thanks Igor,

              It seems as though if you drop below about 1600 lumens (in the brightest spot) it will not track high speed drivers. The two dots are tee holders. When I cover them with black tape, it doesn't change anything, and it seems that the only way I lose the driver is if the top camera drops below about 1600 lumens in that forward area.

              I covered the side camera, and it basically acts the same. You have to bend over the ball to get the green arrow. It's funny, when I watch the calibration screen from the top camera, when you bend over in a way that would give you the green arrow, the lumen readout in the same spot jumps to about 3000 (that's in the normal position).

              From the hitting position, with the side camera covered, I have to stand over the ball (and hitting position) to get the green arrow. Again, the lumens registering in the hitting area hit about 2700-3000 lumens when that happens.