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Old sports coach 2007, with sensor mats?

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  • Old sports coach 2007, with sensor mats?

    I just won on eBay an old sports coach system from 2007 sellers receipt said they paid 17k in 2007.

    i got it very cheap, the seller says it was updated to new software in 2014 and I just need an impact screen and monitor for the pc.

    It's only for home use, just wondering if anyone has any experience of these older systems, and if they're any good?

    It includes:
    Sports Coach GPS Golf Simulator that consists of the following items:
    • PC: windows 7, Pentium processor, 120gb hd with 2gb of ram, nvidia 7950 GTX graphics card with 2 dongles.
    • GPS Golf simulator software.
    • Simulator Matt & Putting Matt with power supplies.
    • Stance mat.
    • XGA Mitsubishi projector and remote
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	s-l1600.jpg
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    Any info on these older systems would be great.



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    I was a Sports Coach reseller (until I LUCKILY change to SkyTrak!) and I've never seen them have a floor mat system. They always had overhead and side USB camera set up. 17k is right price point for SCS but this looks nothing like it. If you want I do have 2 X SCS systems lying around I can sell


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      Thanks for the reply, yeah I though that from my online research. But I couldn't find anything dating back to 2007 so I thought maybe they switched to the camera system at a later date.

      i have absolutely no simulator budget, but I picked this up for £80 and the guy says it is a working system other than not having an impact screen. Just gonna give it a go and see what happens.

      Is there any way a sensor mat could be integrated with sports coach software?


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        My golf club have had sports coach simulators for a long while now and as Igor mentions it's always been camera based. Just fire up the PC and see what software it has loaded onto it.
        That sensor mat does look suspiciously similar to something American Golf here in the UK used to have back in the day. It was almost a cross between Protee and the older GSA stuff. I did quiz the guy about what simulator it was but he didn't have a clue. The software they used was all customised and branded to AG so there were no clues as to who made it. SportsCoach I believe is UK based and at the time this was all very new so it would make sense that AG used some UK based supplier. It didn't last long as they got swapped out for GC2's or Trackman after a few years.


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          Thanks for the response, on the listing it says sports coach and there is a pic of the computer fired up with the sports coach software main screen/menu.

          Haven't picked it up yet because it's a 3 hour drive but I'll update once Ive got it.

          Hopefully I can set up a nice cheap simulator even if the 0erformance isn't amazing. I've only just started playing golf so just swinging the club more and having an idea of if it's going in the right direction will suffice for now.



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            I collected this the other day, it came with full branded instructions by sports coach, so at some point they used a mat system.

            I had to wipe the computer and reinstall the original software though from that era as I don't think the newer one is compatible.

            Both the mats are showing power but I can't get the system to recognise them. I think it's a driver issue. There is a disk in the box that says high speed IO drivers but I have no idea how to actually put them on my computer.

            Any ideas how I can get these mats synced up to the computer?



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              What operating system is the computer running, Windows XP? Does the disk have a setup.exe or install.exe that you can just double click and run.
              If not, when you plug the mats in do they show up in device manager under other devices as an unknown device with a yellow exclamation mark.
              If they show up in device manager you can just right click the unknown device and select properties then click the driver tab and then update driver, use the browse my computer option and select the cdrom disk as the place to search. It should then install the drivers, the mats in theory should then show up in device manager as a known device.
              If none of that makes any sense just let me know and I will try an give more detail.


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                Thanks for the advice.

                It took forrver but I managed to get it working last night.

                Seems pretty good, my distances seem reasonably accurate.. goes straight when I feel like I've hit it straight.

                I'd say it's already helping me improve because I've adjusted my swing plane a bit to be a bit more neutral (normally 4 degrees in to out) and I'm managing to square the face better. I'm hitting mainly light hooks and draws now as oposedo to light hooks and brutal ones.

                Good stuff, not done a full install yet just cleared a bit of space for the hitting mat and hung a light over it.

                I'll start a thread once I start my full install but for £80 in so far I'm pretty fricking happy