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Trackman putting Stimp rating is very accurate

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  • Trackman putting Stimp rating is very accurate

    I recently purchased a USGA Stimpmeter (it is absurdly overpriced but I got it since it was the only one that was authentic. It also comes with a Certificate of Calibration and signed by USGA and comes with 2 holes instead of 1 unlike other knock-offs).

    In TPS software Trackman also shows your Stimp rating. At first I know my in-house green was kind of slow and matched up with low Stimp ratings of various golf simulator software so I was a bit skeptical about Trackman's Stimp rating as it was over-exaggerating it.

    But after using the official USGA Stimpmeter, I can confidently assure you that Trackman is nearly pinpoint accurate and is not over-exaggerating at all. In reality, my perception was wrong too as I was underestimating my green, furthermore believing multiple simulator software which turned out to be false.

    For example, when I was using various golf software I had to put the Stimp somewhere around 6-8 in order to match my green since it felt like it was slower than my local course anyway (municipal course should be about 9-10). However, Trackman was keep saying Stimp was 10 for my green. I also recently ordered Birdieball green turf which seemed like a good green so I was going to use that for putting only. It has different rating options but I got the slowest one which stated Stimp rating of 9-10.

    The result was astonishing. Trackman/USGA were both saying in one tune that 10 was for my green and 12.75 or 13 was for Birdieball!
    So what this tells me is that Trackman is extremely accurate in measuring the Stimp rating and I've been fooled by various golf software which under-estimated the actual green.
    There was also a photo on the internet which showed your Stimp rating based on the speed of the ball and the distance it went. Well that one is also wrong just like the simulator software.

    One thing I learned here was that, your green is faster than what your golf simulator software is telling you. So if you're playing on 10 stimp in golf simulator software, in reality you're practicing for 12 stimp green.

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    Another great finding Leo! Thank you for sharing!


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      Leo deep in testing in his sim room on 20 different launch monitors
      is aluminum oxide toxic