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Congrats to @beau lester (NET) and @Marc Andre (GROSS) winning the TGC 2019 SUMMER TOUR - The Northern Trust !

Join this weeks TGC 2019 SUMMER TOUR - BMW Championship with 2 rounds at TPC @ Boston (Pro Tee) :
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Trackman Swing

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  • Trackman Swing

    Granted this is not a sim question as such, but hoping some users with a trackman sim can try help explain something to me with the data. I have (tried to) attach a photo of a Koepka swing.

    Face to Path is -0.6 and my understanding is that this will always result in a draw as club face is closed to path. Yet the spin axis (from my understanding) is that of a fade. Any explanation for a noob?

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    Don't ignore the club path that is to the left 2.5 degrees. Club face at impact will direct the ball while club path imparts spin on the ball


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      Thanks Grant, I had understood that a club path to the left with a closed club face would be a pull draw ?


      • JackedUpSwing
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        So 0.6 is pretty much square. So the biggest thing determining spin axis here because the path is basically square is where on the face the ball was struck. Balls that are struck more towards the heel spin more right and balls that are struck towards the toe spin more left. Also, 3.6spin axis for a 200 yard shot is going to maybe be a 2 yard curve. This ball started 3 degrees left and even with the 3.6spin axis with 5k rpms, it still finished 11 yards left of target.

        EDIT: TLDR- Most likely a heel shot