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Trackman4 help

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  • Trackman4 help

    Received my new trackman set up tps 7.2 when I click on my wifi connection I see the trackman and follow the instructions and enter password ... now here is where the trouble starts I can’t play a course.... unless I’m logged in when I login and I’m connected to the internet it kicks out the trackman ... it’s either or but not both what am I doing wrong also it says in the QuickStart guide connect to your radar with the pc .... huh 🤔 didn’t I already do that ?

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    I have am connected to my TM via a cable and so don’t know the direct issue you have. However, with that said I think you will find the direct answer and fix to your question in the FAQ section of TM’s website on the support page.


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      So it was my norton antivirus all good now
      question do you use markers on balls indoors ....


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        I always use the metal dot on the ball when inside with the exception of putting and short chips. I am however hopeful we will begin to hear more news on the golf ball that they were rumoured to be working on with manufacturers for indoor use.

        happy golfing and congrats on the purchase!


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          I have been talking with a Trackman rep in France today. It s not rumour. They will be shortly releasing a ball with a metal insert in it so that no metallic sticker will be necessary anymore


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            I think @leomode learned the same. This will be a big breakthrough and a huge positive for TM indoor. An old patent I read hinted at being able directly measure spin axis. Even though I think TM has already done a great job at fixing past issues and getting a good fix on gear effect, this will hopefully go a long way in removing doubt in people’s minds regarding g radar use indoors.