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center line offset in e6 1.6?

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  • center line offset in e6 1.6?

    Due to space constraints, I have to tee the ball about 2 feet right of center in my simulator to avoid contact with the wall behind me. Ideally, I'd like to offset the perspective in my simulator software to account for this, so that the aim point and reticle are straight ahead of me, on a line perpendicular with the screen. This adjustment was easy in other simulation software. Is there a way to accomplish this for e6?

    It appears that some of the xml files packaged with the install contain launch monitor-specific settings (e.g. skytrak.xml) that seem to include configurable simulator booth dimensions. One line seemed promising (<Center_Offset Value="0.00"/>), but changing the value and saving the file did not seem to result in any noticeable in-round offset.

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    You have to change 2 lines. The first is the one you've identified already as the center offset value. The value is based on feet, therefore the value you need to put in for your 2 foot offset is "2.0".

    Further down on the page there should be an Analyzer Mode value at "0". Change it to "1" if offsetting to the right and to "2" if offsetting to the right. I don't have the skytrak.xml right in front of me and this option doesn't exist for all simulator systems. If is something that the hardware company (in this case SkyTrak) would request to be added if for whatever reason it wasn't added during the original integration.


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      Just took a look at the skytrak.xml file, looks like the Analyzer Mode variable is not defined. I'll submit as a feature request with SkyTrak.

      Thanks for the response!


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        Hi Jake,

        Did you get the offset working with e6 and SkyTrak? Currently I have TGC but am looking into e6.


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          Analyzer mode is not a setting in protee either. I was told my my sales rep you could set offset in protee. Please advise e6 rep.


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            I probably wasnt very clear. I should say, E6 rep, could you please advise how I set the offset in E6 with a ProTee system? My sales rep said this was possible. Thanks.