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How can I play the demo with a launch monitor?

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  • How can I play the demo with a launch monitor?

    I have a TrackMan 4 and just downloaded the e6 demo. But I can't seem to connect my TrackMan because a) I have to connect to TrackMan using my laptop's Wifi, and b) then I wouldn't be able to connect e6 onto the web and to the TrackMan. So with my laptop I have to either connect to Wifi or to TrackMan, not both.

    Can anyone help me on this?

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    Ok solved it going into the e6 folder and finding TrackingSystemConfigUtility file...

    But my next question now is, using my laptop, how can I connect to both TrackMan and the internet? Is hooking up TrackMan via LAN cable over to my laptop the only solution?

    Also, if I want to play outdoor (say at a range) with my TrackMan and e6, I saw that there is a calibration but there was still an option where I had to choose the distance from TrackMan to screen.

    It'll be lovely if e6 rep can jump into this conversation on this.