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Tee to screen distance

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  • Tee to screen distance

    Hello all,
    This is will be my first experience with a simulator and I have decided to go with TruGolf . While I know I did put the cart in front of the horse on my planning I have a very limited space to swing and have already ruffed in my hitting bay before buying my components. Because of the limited space it looks like I'm going to have to try and be 7' from tee to screen.
    Will this work after entering in my distance values into the E6 software? If not, does anyone have a detailed explanation as to why it will not work? What is the absolute closest one could move place the hitting pad to the screen? I have already swung into my screen and there isn't any risk of injury do to bounce back. I really don't want to have to tear down and rebuild if I don't have to. But if It's absolutely necessary then I will just have to.

    Thanks in advance!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!
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    I know nothing of the True Golf setup so I'm no help there. I will say 7 feet seems kind of close. I'm 10 feet with Skytrak, feels very comfortable.

    What I can add, I have taken some completely unintended horrible swings that have reached places with the club head I never thought I would be even close to. My $500 Titliest driver is worth much less now. If you have the extra space, use it now.

    I will also add........ When your done with yours it looks like you could help out a few others with your construction talents! Me included!


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      I have something very similar to your setup. I have my launch zone at 7ft as well. It's close to the screen but I had little choice. However as luck would have it, the short throw projector I have needs just about 7ft to throw a 11ftWx7.9ftH image. So my Optoma GT1080 short throw projector is directly over head the tee and casts an image with an aspect from 7ft that is life-like without shadows. That is what you want. If you get the right throw, your impact screen is just like a window onto the simulator world.


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        Trugolf Software or Trugolf hardware? I have a skytrak. I'm at 6.5 ft from the screen with projector mounted above. No problems. I have the E6 software and haven't had any issues except putting was horrible. If you are going with Trugolf hardware, I don't have any experience with it. I almost went that route. But went with skytrak instead.