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How do you connect GC2 to E6 1.6?

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  • How do you connect GC2 to E6 1.6?

    i know you need a protee interface but do u need to buy protee interface also from protee and buy e6 1.6 so buy both? How do you connect to e6 1.6?

    Thanks in advance.

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    As I understand it no (according to the Protee support folks), the Protee interface is part of the e6 integration when you buy e6 with the Protee sensor option. If your version of e6 is for another sensor, it will cost you $500 to add a new sensor type. But then I haven't gotten that far and finished getting mine to work yet (bluetooth driver issues) so can't give you any more detailed directions.

    You do need GSX - which takes the GC2 bluetooth signal and converts it to the serial com port that the protee interface needs. I was able to get that for free by contacting the Protee customer support folks. Connecting the GC2 to GSX should be the same for e6 as it is for TGC (directions in the foresight sub-forum pinned thread).
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      You need Protee interface and GSX.
      You have both if you bought TGC.

      You can alternate between TGC and E6 just by ticking/unticking the box "use TGC" in Protee interface's settings.
      (by the way, if you're intersted, I have a GC2/Protee licence of e6 to sell)


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        I suggest you contact ProTee. It connects to E6 the same way you connect a GC2 to TGC. It's works very well. I don't know if you can buy the interface on it's own or if it comes with E6 but ProTee sells it all.


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          Thanks for the info.


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            I am now using E6 through Skytrak. Just recently I bought a GC2 and use TGC 2019 very satisfied. I am thinking to transfer my E6 from Skytrak to GC2. Should I ask for the license transfer from Trugolf?