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Help...Can't "Unbind" DEMO License

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  • Help...Can't "Unbind" DEMO License

    Sorry in advance for not doing a search first...just really frustrated. Made the mistake of buying e6 connect late this afternoon and now I've got problems with no support until probably Monday.Got the Skytrak email, went to e6, did the login, went to licenses and input the one from the Skytrak email....fine. Clicked on the DEMO license arrow to drop down info and I'm guessing some tab to remove the license...but nope no tab...nothing. Grrr.

    Help please!

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    Damn I wish I could remmeber what they had me do. You have wipe everything related to E6 from the registry. They had to walk me through it. Let me check my messages on E6 and see if I can screenshot it for you


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20200607-070015_Chrome.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20200607-070035_Chrome.jpg
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          Hey...thanks wheels! Looks pretty technical for someone who’s just started their 2nd cup of coffee and wakes up not knowing where they are for the 1st hour or so of consciousness. From what I read of the screenshot you sent, I’m wondering if the issue was because I tried a demo on the iPad first before reading here the pc version was better graphics wise and installed on the pc.

          I’ll let you know later today. If you have a misses, tell her I said you get the day off


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            Couldn’t stop thinking about your posts and went slow doing the steps. It worked! I just knew I was screwed until Monday.


            • Jwheels9876
              Jwheels9876 commented
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              Glad it worked. Hop on the discord channel if you want to discuss the game, there is not much talk here

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            Thanks Jwheels - this got me out of a bind too!