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USB webcam for wide angle?

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  • USB webcam for wide angle?

    I have 2 OV2710 usb2.0 webcams (see attached) but I now know I need a slighter better lens parameter than I currently have to fit all the picture in.

    The parameters for an OV2710 is 1/2.7 with a 3.6mm lens so I’ll probably need something like 1/1.8 or better with a 3.6mm lens too to increase the viewing angle

    I run at 640x480 in 120 FPS and need similar. These run at about £50-60 each so excellent specs considering the money

    does anyone have any ideas of any cameras on the market that fit the bill?

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    I used these on my install. The wide angle on the right I use for face on view. Distance from camera to ball is 4 feet. Only 30fps in HD. Available on Amazon.


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      It's not a fish eye is it?


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        No, I can fill the frame with ball to a little taller than my head. Wide angle - not fisheye.