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Congrats to @Bradford (NET and GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - World Golf Championship, and @Abirdie4me (NET) and @Bradford (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - Barracuda Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - PGA Championship with 3 rounds at Lunenberg National Golf Club (ProTee) :
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High end computer

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  • High end computer

    I checked all the posts and know this has most likely been discussed but could not find the answer. Will using a very high end computer help with the Skytrak delay?If so what specs or hardware update would be necessary? Thanks

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    One thing, what do you mean by delay.
    Like the time it takes after you hit the ball to the time you see the ball go on the screen?
    There will always be a short delay as that’s the Skytrak’s thing.
    But I run a MSI Apache Pro I7 7th gen with a GTX1050Ti. It’s a beast and I still have the shot delay. Everything else tho runs super smooth and kondelays on anything else.
    I know I haven’t had any connection problems or delays in loading anything.
    I high end computer will help with that kind of stuff.
    Hope that helps.


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      Thanks it does help and yes I did mean the delay from hit to images on screen.


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        Yea nothing to be done about that lol.
        The price for Skytrak is affordable! But there is a shot delay.
        Next step really for a launch monitor is GC2 and it’s a little more than a Skytrak to have no delay. 😂
        You get used to it tho, I don’t even notice anymore.
        If it does take more than 3-5 seconds. Then may be a hardware issue.
        Only about 2-3 times I had a long delay, like 10-20 seconds I restarted Skytrak and started playing TGC again. Shot delay went back to normal.