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High Speed Camera for Kinovea

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  • High Speed Camera for Kinovea

    I'm hoping people can add to this list cameras that have produced decent results in Kinovea taken into account the dark environment of a simulator using a projector. I know everyone wants high FPS but my limiting factor has been exposure time. In order to get a decent picture the exposure has to be long and that creates motion blur instead of the preferred freeze action shots.
    Also, Global shutter would be great but is usually very expensive. A Global shutter eliminates the distortion of a moving object (i.e. club bending).

    So far this is what I've gone thru camera wise trying to set up automatic replay:

    OV2710 (ELP camera): Rolling Shutter. Seems to be the most popular on this forum. I have 2. I have been unable to get a decent picture using my sim setup (Protee and projector). Sensitivity is rated at 3700mV with a 2.2um pixel size. To get a usable image I have to set the exposure high enough that the swing is very blurry.

    PS3 Eye: Also popular. Rolling Shutter. I modded mine with a 2.8-12mm lens which is also found on the OV2710. Honestly I don't see much difference between the OV2710 and the PS3

    PointGrey Flea3 (firewire): Great image and has a Global Shutter under low light but I've had trouble getting any point Grey camera to work with Kinovea. There are a lot of firewire global shutter cameras cheap on eBay but getting them to work with Kinovea may be difficult.

    I've started looking at this camera: oCam-1CGN-U. It has a global shutter and has a higher sensitivity. USB 3 and ~$130.00

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    ive not bought one yet but I did get an email from the company and they said they support DirectShow so it should work good with Kinovea. This basically gets you 120FPS in HD. $106 shipped


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      I don't think its going to be better then the OV2710. It has a rolling shutter and low sensitivity.

      I'm going to ask the support team if the oCam will support direct show. It's listed as UVC (plug and play) so it'l probably work with most things but I can post a message to Kinovea support as well. Take a look at the videos online with fan blades comparing this camera to a rolling shutter cam. I've seen the sensor used in that camera in a only a few different cameras but it should be more sensitive for low light use.


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        I’m ordering the Ocam. I just got a response from Kinovea that being UVC it should work out of the box. The global shutter and higher sensitivity should make it a much better cam.


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          Drop some videos once ya get it running