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GTX 1080 TI w 16 GB RAM or 1080 w 32 GB ?

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  • GTX 1080 TI w 16 GB RAM or 1080 w 32 GB ?

    Pricing similar for either the card upgrade or the RAM, curious which is more important.

    Plan to run FSX 2018 and TGC 2019.

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    The video card is more important than additional computer ram in this case. There is not much computer processing going on during game play. The display processing is crucial. Note- I am running FSX 2018 and TGC on a GTX 1060 and a typical computer and it runs fine. I also expect TGC 2019 will run fine as well.


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      For FSX18 and TGC19, what specs would you guys recommend - not looking for the minimum, but what is ideal and what would be overkill?


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        I presume that's the video ram on the card...the more the better. I'm not familiar with the spec differences 1080Ti versus 1080. Do you expect to be playing in 4k resolution some day? Which would also involve new projector and screen...$$$$. I do expect the sims to get ever more computationally complex as they strive for life-like experience. So far, my 1080 with 16 gigs does it all just fine.


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          RTX 2070, 2080, 2080ti are available, so you can look at it two ways, prices coming down on the 1080ti (highly recommened) or money no object, buy the latest 2070, 2080 or 2080ti


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            If you can hold off a bit longer the rtx 2060 will be out early 2019. You will have all the proformance you need for a much better price. Just with out raytracing which tgc 2019 dosnt support anyways. 16 gig is fine. But if you want to run 4k you will want the rtx2080ti. If you need a card now and Running 1080p get the 6g 1060 protee mentioned they will keep tgc 2019 for at least 2 years. This card will run the game fine. If you need a better card for tgc 2021 it's wiser to buy the card that game will need at that time.


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              Im buying a new pc in the next few weeks. No 4K until p[rices for ST come down. I just want something that will be good for a few years and dont want to skimp on a few hundred bucks now (considering what Im spending overall) and be behind on tech in a year. My base case for now is go with 1080 TI card and 16 gig ram on the I7 machine.