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Swing Profile vs. HUDL vs iSwing apps?

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  • Swing Profile vs. HUDL vs iSwing apps?

    Any thoughts re these 3 -- or others to consider?

    In general, are apps like these quite good, or is something PC-based much better?

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    I use the Hudl Technique and like it a lot due to its delay recording, easy drawing tools, continuous recording, and slow playback scroll bar feature. I tried V1, SwingProfile and others and find this the best for me. I usually record a series of swings. Only complaint is wish it had a record stop feature rather than walking over and stopping it manually.


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      Hmm.... It seems that having HUDL include a simple timer to stop in 3 sec. would be an easy feature for them to add.

      That is included in this free app developed by one of our Members. Have you tried this yet:

      Is the FPS (60, I think) in the iPhone/iPad sufficiently fast?


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        I downloaded the Snap Swing app but haven’t tried it yet. Looks promising.

        I have no problem with FPS on my iPhone. Hudl has FPS options in order to save space. I haven’t had any problems seeing the club head on recordings.

        I talked to Hudl and they said there is away to start and stop recordings with an Apple watch. I don’t have one to try it out.


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          Thanks for the insight.

          I wonder if a simple iPhone 'remote control' device would handle stop/start too.


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            I asked Hudl about remote and a no go. Only Apple watch for now. They are going to take remote suggestion to software team.