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Congrats to @Todd Morgan (NET) and @Joe_S (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2020 FALL TOUR - The RSM Classic !

Join this weeks TGC1 2020 FALL TOUR - Mayakoba Golf Classic. We are playing 2 rounds at Quarry Ridge Protee Pin 1:
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iMac specs and screen mirroring

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  • iMac specs and screen mirroring

    I believe it’s a late 2015 27 inch iMac running bootcamp.. in specs in bootcamp says intel core i500-6600 cpu @ 3.3ghz.. 16gb installed ram.. not sure if that changes since I’m already running bootcamp.. amd gpu. I guess my concerns are would this be enough to run tgc 2019 smooth? Graphics coming secondary as will only have 1080 projector.. but since monitor is like 4 or 5k if I upgrade projector later could this run in 4K? iMac currently in basement simulator will be in garage.. anyone know how far screen mirroring and wireless keyboard/mouse can go? They’re essentially on top of each other just one floor difference but don’t want to take it up and down evertime or leave it or in the garage.. eventually I’ll probably upgrade to a gaming laptop but trying to keep initial costs low.. may even start only playing the 5 courses on iPad for mevo+ if this iMac situation doesn’t work out.. wife has a MacBook Pro I think couple years older than the iMac but I wrote this off just assuming there’s no way it could handle it.

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    Edit solved


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      Did this work? I have the exact same comp.


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        Originally posted by jpecaiii View Post
        Did this work? I have the exact same comp.
        If you’re talking about just tgc 2019 running.. yes it’s more than enough


        • jpecaiii
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          Have you tried E6 at all on it?

        • Jsanto
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          No I only have tgc 2019.. I assume e6 would be fine as well tho.. I have quality running on high at 1080 and it’s smooth
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        Solved sold everything