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Help with 4K computer build

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  • Help with 4K computer build

    Right now I can get this set up done pretty cheap..

    is this good enough to play tgc19 in 4K or just regular ?
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    Someone else posted a link to test PC Builds. I entered the information but it says that the CPU is designed for laptops and the GPU is designed for desktops. I may have entered it wrong but it states: Graphic card and processor will work great together on 2160p/4K resolution.

    The link is below so you can check that I entered info in correctly.


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      that will work for 1080p, but its going to chug in 4K


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        Danggit .. is it cause of the graphics card ?


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          The graphics card is by far the most important thing. You should really consider holding out for a build that includes a 3000 series NVIDIA card that just came out a few months ago. They are still hard to find right now but supplies should pick up in the next couple of months.


          • jasonreg
            jasonreg commented
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            +1. And then RAM. 16GB would be an absolute min IMO. Go 32GB+ if possible

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          At this point everyone who wants a card can't get them at retail value, however I am seeing some pre-built companies that have them available... Check with companies like Singularity, Origin, and ibuypower.


          • Gawlfa
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            I got my gaming pc with a 3080 gpu through Origin and very happy.

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          Those 3 series cards are suuuuper expensive right now..

          brings back the debate if 4K is worth it over the 1080p


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            I just (yesterday) bought a prebuilt with a 3070 through NewEgg. Its true that just video cards are basically impossible to get without paying multiples of MSRP to a scalper but if you don't mind going with a prebuilt then the prices are only a little more than typical (and the massive demand more than justifies the increase IMHO) Damn bitcoin miners driving the price of video cards higher and higher...

            Edit: Fore example, in stock: $1500USD for mediocre i7 9700F, RTX 3070, 16GB @ 3000MHz

            or for example, in stock (and what I got): $1900USD for i7 10700K, RTX 3070 16GB @ 3200MHz, Z490 and M.2 NVMe SSD
            • Intel Core i7 10700K 3.80GHz (5.10GHz Turbo Boost), 8-Core 16-Thread
            • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB
            • ASUS PRIME Z490-P (WIFI)
            • RGB AIO 240MM Liquid Cooling
            • G.Skill TridentZ RGB 16GB DDR4 3200MHz
            • 1TB Intel 665P M.2 NVMe SSD
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            • spiege2
              spiege2 commented
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              Sorry not computer savvy at all. Would like to follow a recommendation you got but have a couple of questions. Will the $1900 system do 4k? I going to have a projector, data and touch screen tv hooked up to this. Can I use this just like my dual monitors at work. Plug in with HDMI? QED with TGC

            • themule08
              themule08 commented
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              Spiege2 you can make on for cheaper if you are willing to build it yourself.. it is very easy to do just watch some youtube videos..

              4k you need a 1080ti which can be bought for $500ish, i7 8700 will be more than enough power for $250, motherboard for $100, ram 16gbs for $100, CPU fan $80, SSD hard drive $100, Case $50

              I am currently building one that will be able to do 4k, and it will cost me about 1k tops

              You can use ebay for used parts, but it is better to use hardwareswap on Reddit

              Don't be afraid to build your own, it is a lot easier than you think it is plug and play.. Watch some Jayztwocents on youtube he has amazing how to videos.. it is literally put the plug where it needs to go.

            • Dax
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              themule08 won’t you need a copy of windows in that pricing ?

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            You will need to be careful that parts work together. I think "plug and play" is downplaying the research needed to make sure the parts you get are compatible. I'm not familiar with jayztwocents but I do recommend this website as a check to see if you can build it:


            Also, I personally don't like the idea of having a possible headache with used processors, video cards or motherboards. You save some money but at the risk of having more downtime and having to troubleshoot it yourself to not end up spending more money than just buying these new parts to begin with.


            • themule08
              themule08 commented
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              Once you have the parts building it is not difficult is what I meant.. but yes compatibility of CPU and motherboard can get tricky but not hard to figure out..and part picker is perfect. I have had great luck on harwareswap for used parts, never have issues.. I have a bigger worry with DOA new motherboards, never had an issue with used cpus. I do only recommend buying used EVGA Gpus as if they do go bad they replace them no questions asked.

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            Thank you guys but I am building this sim by myself and it is already a lot to handle. The projector and screen is overwhelming me know. I need to go with a prebuilt. Hopefully plug and play. Can someone recommend one that will work with 4k. That I can have 3 monitors plugged in at the same time?


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              If you have a Microcenter anywhere around you, they are a great store for buying PC components for building your own PC. At least the one near me in Duluth, GA, I would recommend it 100%. Most of the time the guys in there are more than helpful with new people.


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                I will go there tomorrow and report back. I assume they sell already built PC. I am going to see if one of those guys will build it for me. I am in St Louis MO FYI