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any decent impact screens in uk

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  • any decent impact screens in uk

    Hi Guys,

    In v1 of my garage build i had a archery baffle which took the ball well but the density of the baffle meant the image quality was pretty low, i then ordered another archery baffle but this was much higher density and the image quality increased

    does anyone in the UK know where to get a high quality impact screen that will provide good image quality?

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    My V1 build was using a similar screen from your V2 build.
    For my V2, I had a Par2Pro screen imported. The cost of shipping and import tax were pretty steep, however the image quality is chalk and cheese compared to the archery net.
    I wish I'd gone with that in the first place.


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      Us brits who are interesting in getting quality screen should club together , wonder how much interest is out there


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        Appreciate this is an old post but it comes up if I search impact screen UK.

        Any one tried the new HD impact screen from golf swing systems and able to comment on quality?
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          Bump - anyone tried this?