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Par2Pro SQ-Beta Impact Screen - Testers Needed

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  • Par2Pro SQ-Beta Impact Screen - Testers Needed

    Hey All,

    We have been working on a quieter and more durable alternate to the HQ2 and have come up with the new SQ (Super Quiet) screen.

    After months of working on this (and comparing to other screens current and past), we finally have it to where we think it could be a great option for those looking for a great screen.

    That being said, we would love to have more testers and more feedback so we have posted it on our website at a discounted rate:

    If you are interested in becoming one of our beta testers for this screen - just send me an email ( with your required screen size and if you want it finished or raw. I will give forum members an extra 10% discount on top of the discount already posted in exchange for honest & constructive reviews and pictures.

    Happy Golfing!

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    That is fantastic to hear @jdgould - thank you for posting the review and picture Happy Golfing!


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      Par2Pro Any ideas what the minimum space requirement is for behind the screen? How close can I put it against the wall w/o it blasting dents in the drywall?


      • jdgould
        jdgould commented
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        I can't speak for Par2Pro, but I have my screen about 12 inches away from my garage door with no issue. It's probably also contingent on how tight you install your screen. It seems like the tighter you stretch/install it, the more bounce back you'd get and would need less distance behind the screen.

      • Par2Pro
        Par2Pro commented
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        We suggest a minimum of 12" if the screen is tensioned properly. If you are just hanging it loose from the ceiling and/or are a heavy hitter, you may need more.

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      I purchased the new SQ Beta impact screen in my first attempt at a "real" simulator screen. Prior to this I had a Net Return with a white bedsheet hung in front of it. My son and I used this setup to play, and we thought we had a decent golf simulator until we managed to put a huge hole through the sheet!

      Following Shardak's post here on the forum about his frame and screen, we went to work. I bought a 10'x12' piece of the new Super Quiet screen material, figuring I might as well give myself a chance to go as large as possible. Based on the very cramped amount of space we have in our garage due to overhead racks, and the garage door tracks, we ended up going 9'x10'. Still need to figure out the best way to have the material at the bottom, and also need to do one more grommet on the bottom of each side to get the lower part of the screen flattened better, but we're so happy with where we're at we just go and play and haven't even thought about finishing the little details!

      My biggest concern with the screen was the sound. We typically play later at night, and our neighbor's house is pretty close to our garage. Even the bedsheet made quite a lot of noise (until we started hitting through the hole in it!). I have to say...I am absolutely thrilled at how quiet the ball hitting this screen is! It's much less of a noise than the ball hitting the loose bedsheet was. I couldn't be happier about the sound level of the impact screen. I actually think it's a bit of a disservice to keep calling the screen "SQ"...those words "Super Quiet" should be used in all their glory, because it's very accurate.

      In terms of the picture quality, I don't have a lot to compare to, but it's awesome. We went to a golf shop that has two simulator bays setup, one for club fitting, and one for playing courses. Our new screen blows them away. When we walked in, I told my son..."this reminds me of our old setup...ours is wayyyy better", and he was in full agreement. We do still need to work on our lighting a bit more to cut down on the light hitting the screen directly.

      The screen does leave a little bit of a dimple right after you hit it. That's actually come in handy a few times when we've hit and thought the GC2 misread the shot. Nope...the shot really was that far off from normal. Haha. The dimple goes away and isn't a big deal at all.

      Here's a photo of our SQ Beta screen. Still a work in progress, and with a less crowded area you would definitely get things lined up better. We give it two big thumbs up.


      • wbond
        wbond commented
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        How is your screeen attached to your frame? You can fix the bottom by folding over the top, then use tarp clips and ball bungee cords. I would use this on the sides as well instead of grommets.

      • geneazevedo
        geneazevedo commented
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        wbond - My intention was to use tarp clips and ball bungee cords. Unfortunately, the tarp clips I ordered were tiny...a lesson learned in reading the fine print on websites. They looked big in the photos lol. So, I didn't want to wait on ordering more so I used grommets around the sides and top, and attached to the poles with ball bungees. Maybe I'll pick up a couple of tarp clips just for the bottom.

      • Par2Pro
        Par2Pro commented
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        Thank you so much for the great review geneazevedo! We hope that you and your son have tonnes of fun on the new screen and that you are able to get the bottom corners pull down tight using grommets/tarp clips with bungees.

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      Greetings all!

      My brother and I have set up an Optishot simulator in my garage that we’ve played on for about 3 years now. We’ve played through various setups, from hitting a tethered foam ball, to a tethered real ball, to a real ball into a net that was hung between the tee box and the wall that we’ve projected onto. This year we decided to go the to the next step, and get an impact screen.

      So, up until now we’ve used a projector displaying on a flat white wall. The picture quality was so-so, and we obviously couldn’t hit a ball into it. Dropping a net between us and the wall let us hit a real ball (much more realistic!), but the net got in the way of the picture and made it hard to see the projection. Enter the impact screen.

      After doing a lot of research online into impact screens, we decided on the SQ-Beta screen from Par2Pro. We contacted Cory and placed the order for a length of the SQ-Raw material. Our original plan was to use tarp clamps and bungees to attach to a 1” EMT frame.

      Keep in mind, this is my garage and the setup has to be able to be ‘put away’ so my wife can still park her car. With that goal, we pieced together the conduit frame, using a hinged piece to be able to raise the entire frame up above my garage door when it’s opened. Once the frame was assembled, we attached a net to the frame, pulled tight. Over the net we attached the SQ material to the frame using the tarp clips and bungees. After getting it hung this way, we decided we wanted to maximize the viewing screen area, so we installed ½” grommets on one side (about every foot) and used 4” bungees to attach to the frame instead of the tarp clips. This gave us a few more inches of viewable area.

      Once that was done, it was time to play! Up to now, we’ve played about 3 rounds on it, and we think it’s our best setup yet. The screen itself appears to be very sturdy. While installing the grommets, the hole punch that came with the grommet kit wouldn’t puncture the material, and I ended up having to use scissors to carefully cut the holes. Hitting into the screen is just awesome. The ball drops no more than a foot out from the base of the screen. There’s just a soft “whomp” at impact with irons/wedges, and a slightly sharper “thwack” at impact with the driver. We’re hitting from about 8’ away from the screen, due to garage constraints.

      Right out of the box, because of the way it had to be shipped, there were some creases in the material, but as it’s hung on the frame they’ve gradually disappeared. Even right away, the first time using it, the creases weren’t noticable once the projector lit up the screen.

      The picture quality is noticeably better than the white painted wall. It’s brighter and sharper.

      All in all, we’re *very* pleased with the impact screen material. The folks at Par2Pro were great to deal with - Denise and Cory were quick to respond and get us what we needed. Screen seems sturdy, great picture quality, sound is not an issue. We haven’t had time yet to put a lot of games into it, so time will tell about durability. I’ll try to remember to update this towards the end of the year.

      You can see the photos at (Google Photos album)


      • Par2Pro
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        Thanks for the great post cpmessina and we are so happy to hear that you love the screen!

        To help ensure that your screen lasts as long as possible, be sure that it is not an abrasive net (knotted, coated, etc.). We have found that some backstops have caused tears in the screen within as little as a month. The SQ can even be used without a backstop if you prefer.

        We look forward to your review on the durability and hope you have a lot of fun golfing with it!

        PS: For safety reasons we always suggest keeping the netting and screen away from the pipes, but if not possible, be sure to add some pads to prevent an accidental bounce-back
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