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Congrats to @yorkie (NET) and @simmb (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2020 SUMMER TOUR - PGA Championship !

Join this weeks TGC1 2020 SUMMER TOUR - Wyndham Championship with 2 rounds at Southern Hills Country Club (Pro Tee) Wyndham-Championship:
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Par2Pro SQ-Beta Impact Screen

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  • Par2Pro SQ-Beta Impact Screen

    Hello forum. I just received my SQ Beta screen from Par2Pro. It was fantastic working with Cory and their staff. I ask a lot of questions! Cory was always very responsive, helpful and he delivered a screen better than I had expected. The screen is extremely quiet, the picture quality is incredible, and it was rather easy to install. This is my second impact screen - first one was the basic hitting screen with large mesh. While it worked well, I decided to move and upgrade my entire sim to another part of my house. The SQ screen was intended to be solely a golf sim screen, but very quickly (within a day), everyone in my house and my friends have now taking it over for video games and movie watching. The picture quality is that good! I have not had any length of time with the screen (under a week), so I cannot comment on the durability but it seems rather robust. I've only hit 10 or 20 shots so far, and the ball barely rebounds back at all. It nearly dies at the screen every time. Impressive! You sometimes get a 'ghost image' (or indent mark) from the last golf ball which hit the screen, but it normally goes away after the next shot or after some time has passed by. I've attached various images taken of the screen. You need to take into account the input type - XBox One offered the best picture quality which is why I've included a few gaming images. E6 graphics are not the best (in my opinion), so that image is not doing the SQ any justice! The TV shot is from a wireless cable box so the picture quality is not as good as from a hardline cable box. But, I wanted to show various images from various sources to give a better overall impression of the quality. It is excellent!!!!!!!

    I would definitely order from Par2Pro again. And, the SQ screen is extremely impressive. I would buy one again tomorrow without any reservations. Thank you Cory and Par2Pro!!!!

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    Thank you so much for your review and kind words Carl Johnson! Happy Golfing


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      Thanks again for all of your support!