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Carl's impact screen with cage

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  • Carl's impact screen with cage

    I put in a Carl's impact screen with 5 foot deep cage a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share some feedback. I got 13 x 10 with premium material.
    All the parts and pieces were included (Except EMT) and it went together very smoothly. I did have the help of one other person.

    I have it placed 12 inches from the wall and I have no problem. Out of the box it had no wrinkles and after around 10 rounds and some practice I see a few dimples in the hitting area but still no wrinkles.

    The bounce back is minimal. It gently rolls back to you. It is not loud, I really do not notice it.

    The screen has black flaps with velcro that attach to the sided and top to give a very clean look. The bungees are all the ball variety which make them easy to install. Since it is so new I don't know the longevity of the screen or bungees but it will get used quite a bit this winter so it should be a pretty good test.

    If anyone is interested I'll take some photos of the screen or how it is bungee'd together.

    Buying the kit is not the most inexpensive way to go for sure but they really do it right.
    In an industrial building

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    Good to hear. I've been considering getting one of their enclosures. Cost seems very reasonable, certainly not overly jacked up over individual sourcing. How is it holding up and how long did it take to get it from the time you ordered?


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      It is holding up well. It arrived within their published time frame. A couple/few weeks.


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        I must have caught them at a good time. For me it only took them 4 days from placing the order to shipping the enclosure out. Lot faster than I expected.


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          I’m considering buying a custom size enclosure from Carl’s with premium impact screen in 16:10 aspect ratio. I’m thinking about getting a screen 12 X 7.5 with a 5 foot deep enclosure.

          I would have to mount my projector at 13 feet from the screen due to the throw ratio, so I was planning to hit from around 10 feet from the screen to avoids shadows, but I’m not sure if a 12 H X 7.5 W X 5 D enclosure would be sufficient for hitting from 10 feet? Any advice?

          How far from the screen are you hitting in your photo? You look pretty close for that size of screen. Maybe 7 feet?

          Are you hitting from that distance because of the projector location or because you only have a 5 foot deep enclosure, so your trying to avoid stray shots from getting outside the enclosure or you just prefer to be that distance from the screen?