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AllSportSystems Hanging Screen

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  • AllSportSystems Hanging Screen

    1st post for me. I have done a ton of reading in this forum. Thank you to everyone who has contributed here.
    i am looking at 12 x 9 hanging screen from AllSportsSystem.
    $387 Standard Definition Screen, $250 HD upgrade, $50 Side Grommets, $50 Chain Pocket
    i will be using curtains that I can extend when playing. I am using the hanging option so I can still park car in garage. Anybody using this vendor and product today ?
    I am on the fence to just go with a hitting net with a large touch screen monitor.
    I see a lot of posts on wrinkled screens and dents and holes in the hitting screen.
    Does the cost of a good screen and quality projector justify these additional dollars ?
    Best Regards to All ...

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    I picked up their Microbay to start so can't speak to the netting portion but I've been pleased with the HD screen. It's held up well with a lot of use over the last 18 months or so.

    Like you, I lurked on these forums and read everything I could to help build out my garage sim (literally just created my forum account yesterday).

    This may or may not be an issue with your setup but one thing I ran into was feeling comfortable hitting real balls. The flat screen didn't have much in the way of an enclosure feel to it so if we managed to shank one or flop a 60 degree, we could easily hit the ceiling or ricochet off the walls. As a result, I only felt comfortable using almost golf balls.

    This wasn't an issue because I started out with the Optishot while I was investing in all the other pieces (i.e. projector, screen, hitting surface, etc.). Of course this hobby turned into an addiction so I started eyeballing a SkyTrack/GC2 option which meant I needed to start hitting real balls. I was able to convert that microbay into something resembling their SuperBay by adding a few more pieces to the frame kit and adding netting to create a 5ft bay. I now feel comfortable hitting real balls and am ready to upgrade to a LM once we find out what new goodies are coming from the PGA show.

    Anyway, I wish I had thought that through more in the beginning and just jumped into the SuperBay so thought I'd throw that out there for consideration.

    Hope that helps and happy hitting!


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      gkkling, Thanks for the post and pic. It looks awesome.
      I bought the SkyTrak Launch Monitor and the TGC software bundle as a early Xmas present to me in Nov at $500 off.
      I am looking at SteelTek allen screw fittings with 3/4" pipe. I got a couple 6'6" Hacker's who hit it hard.
      I will be using curtains that I can extend in and out and still park the Bride's car in the 3rd garage bay. (Jamesville, NY )
      I am going with the 12" foot wide screen due to a Bride and Gson who play left handed..
      I am looking at the rotating turntables that are showing up on the web to bolt the SkyTrak launch monitor to.
      Very expensive but I have found turntables on Amazon for 10 to 20 dollars with a little velcro should do the trick.
      Thanks again for the share.


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        I bought the homecourse drop down screen. $1700. Thought I’d be able to keep it up and just drop when in use preserving a rooms function. Not even close. The drop down has all kinds of waves that get really bad after each shot. That distorts the image to such a degree that I almost shipped it back. Shipping cost were too high so I kept it. To make is usable I built a permanent frame so I could use the grommets to tension the screen. The bottom is a work in progress. If you don’t mind a drunken wavy image with fairways that don’t look like fairways, you’ll be fine. Maybe for a garage you could build a frame and put it on rollers to move it out of the way but when in use it will be tight and give you a nice image.


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          Gazpacho, the screen I am looking at has a sewn pocket at the bottom to put a chain in.


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            The homecourse come with a metal bar at the bottom. It needs to weigh 100 pounds to be effective so I’ve tensioned it with a ton of weight. It still is not perfect