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cleaning your screen

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  • cleaning your screen

    I have one of the screens purchased through dbgolf72 here on the site and after about a year and some 10K shots (w/ no sign of wear, thanks again!) I do see an accumulation of very faint smudges in the hitting area and some bug markings (screen is in garage) here and there. Has anyone been successful doing a mild cleaning of your screen ? Without leaving water stains or discoloration? Would bleach damage the screen?

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    I was working with my home made speed sticks and got too close to my from the mill screen on the left hand drill which is deffo not my best side , and contacted the screen. Result was a lovely smear from the black electrical tape that I had used on the weights to identify the weighting.

    I used a Karcher domestic steam cleaner to clean the area where the smear was along with some natural kitchen cleaner spray . In general it worked but I had to cover quite a large area and if my sim room is open to a lot of daylight I can see a bit of a water stain in the area that was treated . In normal sim use or movie use it is invisible but if I was to do it again I would look at distilled water for the steam cleaner but was very happy to get the smear out . Am not sure about bleach , I think you could degrade the fabric potentially...better to try to stay with non aggressive cleaning products I think.....


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      Thanks. Did you use any pressure on your steam for cleaning purposes?


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        No, the machine I have got is a multi purpose domestic cleaner , it's not like a commercial big machine with a lance. It has a microfibre mop attachment which I used initially then a little brush attachment to gently scrub the stubborn part out. You can regulate the amount of steam but I would not say there was any serious pressure involved. I used the machine at it's max steam output but there is only any real pressure when using the small brush attachments which seem to concentrate the available steam into a small jet. I have to go out right now but will try to post an image of my machine when I get back in. I think if you plan on going that route I would get some containers of distilled water from the auto shop to put in the machine which I will do in future as I think it will minimise any water staining.


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          This is similar to my machine, I thought it was a Karcher but it actually is a Vax. Ours is an older model but very similar.