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Projector 10 feet from the screen?

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  • Projector 10 feet from the screen?

    Do you think it's okay to have the projector 10' from the screen overhead, but the hitting area is 8.5' from the screen?

    I'm getting nervous about what I'm doing with this build.
    I'm constrained with no ceiling, so need to mount the projector on a frame/cage.

    I was going to do:
    Uneekor EyeXO 5ft from the screen
    Hitting zone, 8.5ft from the screen
    Projector 10ft from the screen

    Do you think that will work?



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    By frame/cage, I assume you mean the hitting enclosure...

    As long as the projector is in line with the ball, you'll likely be fine. An extreme over-the-top move on the downswing could possibly put it in jeopardy depending on how far it's hanging down. But I think you'd be fine there.

    Is there anything stopping you from simply backing up the hitting location so it's more underneath the projector?


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      Hi Tom, I’m in a similar situation with trying to figure out a GCHawk, projector, and enclosure with high ceilings. How are you mounting the EyeXO? To the enclosure? If so are you worried about vibration and the unit’s calibration?


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        Jwm Well, good to hear another person dealing with this issue. I'm leaning toward getting Carl's Pro Enclosure and mounting the projector on the frame crossbar at the 10' mark (10ft from the screen). I was going to use the following accessory to mount the projector:
        I was going to attach the EyeXO to the enclosure crossbar located at the 5' mark (5ft from the screen). Carl is selling an EyeXO mount for $149 which is the only solution I could find. Calibration should be fine if your hitting zone is at the 8.5' mark on the floor. So the projector will be centered overhead and 1.5' behind.
        I really don't know about the vibration issue, or the cross light issue where the projector light is crossing the path of the EyeXO light (LED and Camera). I'm guessing that they are different wavelengths and won't affect each other. Not sure. Here's my diagram:
        Click image for larger version

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          That's helpful, I wasn't thinking about the 5 foot crossbar. I still think about the impact of the ball and whether the crossbar will vibrate. Here is a quick diagram I made. Mine will be in a corner and I could build a canopied enclosure out of wood anchoring to two walls with one post.
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            The canopy is a great idea. Gives you tons of options.