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Layout suggestions/experience with off center hitting area?!

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  • Layout suggestions/experience with off center hitting area?!

    I've attached some layouts for my current area that i have been using for my simulator. Overall it has worked pretty well. I am thinking about investing in a "uniform" putting and hitting surface and it has me reconsidering my layout.

    I have a 10x12 area in my basement that has a raised ceiling of a little over 10' the rest is about a foot lower. Naturally I have been trying to situate my hitting area to make the most of the raised ceiling. Everything would be quite a bit easier if I could orient my screen in the opposite direction, however there is some plumbing in the floor there that would allow for a bathroom in the future, so i didn't want to put my screen on that end. It'd be great if i had taller ceilings or didn't have the restrictive steel beam leading down the center of the basement.

    AS my attach diagrams try to illustrate i've moved my hitting area around as such to get the most clearance for a right handed golfer. Problem being the center of the screen is actually left of center line of that higher ceiling - so i turn my hitting area to line up with center of screen.

    I've been using a Trackman along (with E6 and TGC) and it has a nice feature to select the target, therefore the radar unit does NOT need to be directly in line with the target.

    I'm trying to maintain some integrity of aiming at the screen where you're trying to hit. My question for you seasoned vets - is this important? Any other suggestions as to what i could do, i have to think some of you have encountered similar scenarios?

    TIA for any thoughts.
    Skewed Hitting: Provides maximum hitting area "clearance" for right handed golfer Centered on view.

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    I'm not exactly understanding your question but I hit off-center and it's absolutely fine especially when you can adjust the display in TGC settings to account for the Offset. There's no way I'd turn my hitting mat to aim at center of screen.....that'd get me all sorts of messed up I think.


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      cooke23 Can you tell me how to adjust the offset in TGC?