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Congrats to @Golf18 (NET) and @Bardford (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - PGA Championship !

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5 Star Urethane Backed (Wood Tee) Perfect ReACTION Golf Mat used with SkyTrak

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  • 5 Star Urethane Backed (Wood Tee) Perfect ReACTION Golf Mat used with SkyTrak

    Anyone using this Martin Hull endorsed mat? I got mine (5'x5') from D.W. Quail ( about a month ago and got my SkyTrak up and working a couple weeks ago. I'm finding that when using with SkyTrak, the spot where you continuously hit from (where the SkyTrak laser dot is at) gets a bit ruffed. This makes it really difficult to roll the ball onto the red dot with your club head. If you place the ball with a little pressure it will stay, but "WE" (4-6 guys playing Closest to Pin) are getting tired of bending over to "tee up" every shot... I rotate the mat a quarter turn each day for the next session and adjust the SkyTrak, so it is aiming the red dot a little further ahead or behind the last spot on the mat that was used to spread the wear out more. Is there something anyone could suggest I could do other than what I have going now? Lastly, is this an issue anyone else encounters with other mats? Thanks in advance for any input...

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    Yes, I just purchased a 5x10 Perfect Reaction golf mat ( to replace the Net Return mat that I purchased which ripped up where the Skytrak shines the laser within a month of usage. I literally took a divot out of the Net Return mat. I am not happy with the Net Return mats at all!

    I've had a much better experience with the Perfect Reaction mats both from a durability standpoint and "feel" standpoint as you will feel your fat shots way better than a cheaper mat as well as getting a better feel from any iron shot.

    To your question though TimUSA , yes, my hitting area for the Skytrak does not change so there is a bit of a ruffled/ribbed section where I have to roll the ball a bit. It really doesn't bother me too much and I find if I just brush it with my foot vigorously it usually smooths it out decently.


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      Thanks for your reply. Yes I do like the feel of the mat thus far and yes we are "improving our lie" by pressing the area down with foot! LOL