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Anybody have any experience with the FairwayPro Divot Simulator Mat?

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  • Anybody have any experience with the FairwayPro Divot Simulator Mat?

    I've done some searching around, but haven't see anybody mention this mat. Looks to have decent reviews on Amazon and it's not a terrible price.

    I'm so torn on what mat to pair with my GC2. I've read fantastic things about the Divot Action, fiberbuilt, and Truestrike, but can't really decide on anything. I want something that will simulate a realistic hitting feeling, but not one that is going to end up hurting when I use it all the time. I had a Matzilla golf mat a while back, but I feel like it caught my club too much and led to some soreness in my elbow along with making me try to pick the ball instead of hit through.

    So, what do you guys think? If you had to rank the FairwayPro, Fiberbuilt, Divot Action, and Truestrike, which way would you go?

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    Yes I bought one (and returned it next day). It feels terrible and the sliding mechanism seems to make impact more jarring, not less. Its also loud.

    Fiberbuilt will likely be my next mat, based on what I have read on this forum.


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      Haven't used a fairway pro, but based on the others, i would rank them as follows, FB, DA then TS.


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        Thanks guys! I'm glad I came here before wasting my money on the fairway pro. I have hit off a Fiberbuilt when I went for a club fitting and would say that it felt really nice. There was definitely some sticker shock when looking at the Fiberbuilt. I could potentially save some money by doing a DiY or portable Divot Action or Truestrike mat, but I haven't used either one of these before. I tend to be more of a buy once, cry once type of guy so I may cough up the money for a full Fiberbuilt mat and be done with it.

        Has anyone bought the 5' x 4' performance mat from Fiberbuilt? Wondering how much the base weighs and if there's any slipping concerns. I had to put a bunch of heavy duty velcro on the Matzilla I had before and don't want to deal with that again.


        • wbond
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          You can buy 1x1' panels for about 60 I think. Actual price is listed in one of these threads somewhere.

        • Bnovo556
          Bnovo556 commented
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          I saw those and have been considering them. I just have so many other projects going on at home today that I'm considering just buying the whole setup to make it easier on myself. Yeah...I'm getting pretty lazy these days...

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        Im interested in this as well. I have a 5ft CCE which is nice and gives you feedback on fat hits, but also hurts if you dont clip it just right. What might be a less harsh mat to hit off of?

        Also the CCE is very thick and with limited ceiling height an extra inch matters. What is the thickness of the fiberbuilt?