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SynLawn TeeStrike vs DIY Gel

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  • SynLawn TeeStrike vs DIY Gel

    My subfloor is already built up and I have SynLawn Classic Putt going down to cover the entire floor approx 18x21.

    My original plan was to use the SynLawn TeeStrike hitting mat that would sit flush with the classic putt. Approx size 20x36. Will take a real tee. 1” Thick.

    I stumbled across the DIY gel inserts, now considering to insert a gel pad directly under my Classic Putt, which would give me a cleaner install.

    Worried about durability of both the gel pad and the classic putt turf.

    Any suggestions? Thoughts?

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    Update: Received the gel insert and played 18 on it today. So much better then my TeeStrike mat by itself.

    Going to install my gel insert under my classic putt turf for a seamless green turf room. If the classic putt turf by SynLawn wears out I’ll just replace with the TeeStrike over the Gel too.

    The Gel insert makes a huge impact improvement.

    I’ll post updates.


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      What did you use for your sub-floor?

      What depth?

      How firm / soft is it?

      Good for a stance mat?


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        Getting installed Monday, the entire floor. My sub floor was built up 2.75” as I originally had a ProTee system.

        Will let you know once done.