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Cheap putting surface?

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  • Cheap putting surface?

    Hi all,

    Nearly built my sim (just need to do flooring).

    I have my mat sorted and now i need to decide what flooring to put between thje screen and my mat.

    I've seen a lot of guys have a putting area which looks awesome!

    How much does this cost? and is there any cheap alternatives anyone has tried which work ok? (for example hard wearing carpet tiles)...

    The space is about 3m x 3m (10ft x 10ft) thank you

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    Turf Factory Direct has a putting green that's on sale. I bought it for $750 for 15'x22' where others would charge $1200-1500 minimum. I cannot really compare the quality with other ones, but from the samples I received from other companies, this one was similar and the cheapest. It's not the fastest green, but it gets the job done. So you should look into it.


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      Did you lay on cement or glue the turf to cement?


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        Originally posted by CBearsSB View Post
        Did you lay on cement or glue the turf to cement?
        I heard you can just lay it on cement but i put dricore panels under to keep the floor warm and dry. But I didn't use any glues to put them down.


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          Does the turf move around at all when sits on the tricor? Or is the turf heavy enough so it stays secure? Thanks.