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Additional protection/ padding

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  • Additional protection/ padding

    So I've hit approx 100 balls on skytrak and my right elbow is killing me.

    I've hit quite a few fat, I'm a 12 handicapper so I'm sure once I get comfortable swinging indoors properly that will get cut out.....

    I bought the attached pictured mat with has foam underneath and it seems good quality but I still feel the force of the floor. Does anyone add padding under theirs such as foam matting and if so did it help or was it too spongey? My mat is on a wooden floor.

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    Consider going with Fiberbuilt hitting strip perhaps embedded into existing mat or next to it using your mat to stand on. This forum is rich with folks who have discussed this issue and a common thread is that many have found pain relief using the Fiberbuilt. I am one


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      I have a 1’ x 3' insert in my 12ft’ x 12ft turf. The insert is a brand (can’t remember the name) from our driving range that I had them order new for me and it has the black high density foam on the bottom which is unforgiving. Excellent Matt as the grass does not grab the club, but its a little solid. I cut out a 1ft section in the middle of the hitting mat and got a very low density foam to go in that area. I can now hit down and the mat will give so that it will absorb any downward pressure. It is soft low density foam so it needs to be changed every so often but a 4 ft roll cost $10. Works very well.
      Fiberbuilt as mentioned above, is very good also for reliving pain, I just don’t like how the club will get under the ball at times and effects spin.


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        I think the issue could be with the turf grabbing the club on your fat shots that could also be contributing to your pain. Others that have hit off of mats that hold the tee have had similar issues. My biggest fear here is that you could continue to add to your injury even after you add additional cushioning beneath your mat. Hope the injury is not too bad for you at the moment.