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Fiberbuilt w/ skytrak

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  • Fiberbuilt w/ skytrak

    Those of you using fiberbuilt mats and skytrak, how is the experience w/ using tees? I want to pick up a hitting panel but worry about using one of those rubber tee holders that I'll end up hitting half the time when I'm hitting irons or woods. How does it work out for you guys? Any good work arounds that don't involve using BirTees?

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    I have a Skytrak on the way and already have a Fiber-built mat, so I am also very interested in this combination.


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      I don't have a fiberbuilt but my mat doesn't take real tees either. I use the rubber tees with the little rubber base. Basically the same tees that you find at the driving range that fit under the mat and pop through the hole. I don't have a hole in my mat though so I just set them on top. I bought a pack of 3 and cut them down to different sizes and then decided on which height I liked the best. I don't think hitting the tee is really an issue. It just flies forward and lands near the screen where all the balls collect.


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        I have the fiberbuilt with Skytrak. I use a combination of the rubber tee base with some plastic tees that go in, and Birtees on a tee claw. Ive really worn through a few of the birtees in 1 year so I'm trying some new stuff with these plastic tees from China and I mount my ST on a camera slider so I can just go from tee to turf easily.


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          Originally posted by SkeetShooter View Post
          I have the fiberbuilt with Skytrak. ... I mount my ST on a camera slider so I can just go from tee to turf easily.
          Do you put the camera slider on the mat or on the ground? Which size mat?


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            I put mine on the ground and it is the 5x4 mat.


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              Get some birdtees. I've been using them for couple of months. Haven't broke one.