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Congrats to @graham camm (NET) and @Joe_S (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2021 WINTER TOUR - Sony Open in Hawaii !

Join this weeks TGC1 2021 WINTER TOUR - The American Express playing 2 rounds at PGA West (Palmer)thursday - 6487y:
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Flooring options.

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  • Flooring options.

    Planning a new build and I've been doing some shopping. Have a hardwood floored area in my house I'm turning into a golf sim/theater room.

    So as a landing area was going to cover up the hardwood with the following (and cut out a hole for a hitting area with a 20" x 36" real feel country club elite mat

    as a non slip base:

    then eva foam mats:

    then topped with this outdoor turf mat:

    Benefit is the hieght should match perfectly with the hitting mat.

    Any thoughts here or different sources where I can save a few bucks. How does that top mat look? I wanted black, and will likely putt on it.

    Canadian sources if you can. Shiping gets praicey for this kinda stuff

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    Those all look good. I also use those same foam mats (as do many people). Just be sure you've done your research on CCE mats. They have a reputation for being pretty harsh on the joints.

    As for the turf, I went with a longer fiber for the landing area near the screen (like a rough-length artificial turf as opposed to a green or fairway length of fibers). Just kills the bounce more because it's softer than the short fiber stuff.


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      Ok thanks I'll look into it. These landing mats are cheap and should be pretty easy to cut and customize. Maybe even do a wide putting strip as well.

      I have been reading up today, I play hard fairways, so I take minimal divots outside of wedges. But I'l looking into divot action as well.