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  • Wireless Projector

    I am in the process of designing a new SIM room and I am looking for a ceiling mounted short throw projector. I would prefer if I would not have to wire an HDMI cable through the attic. Is is possible to have a wireless connection without a loss of consistency and quality and to just have a power connection?


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      Does this mean that projectors that work like Apple TV through Wifi (or through Bluetooth do not exist)? Or, that this solution is better?


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        That was just a link to show that wireless HDMI can be done from any output to input. There are projectors on the market that have built in Miracast... I personally don't know what's better between the two - but hardwired will always be best. Having said that, I wired my Apple TV to my projector and mirrored my ipad to it for a few months last fall...worked fairly well.

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      Most Optoma / Benq short throws have a wireless option, either built-in, USB adapter or slightly older ones convert with wire sell kit.
      Look on benq and Optoma sites, some good info there.


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        Just thought that putting an apple TV next to the projector on the ceiling might work as well. Going to use Skytrak and could beam from iPhone or iPad to Apple TV to projector.


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          I have a Benq short throw projector mounted on the ceiling and I used a Nyrius ARIES Home+ wireless HDMI transmitter. It has worked flawlessly for me.