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TV ceiling mount that can slide on a track?

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  • TV ceiling mount that can slide on a track?


    My setup currently involves hitting into a Net Return Pro while a very light / thin 40" TV sits on top of an expensive TV stand (read: car) in front of and facing me at eye-height at address. I'd like to be able to mount this TV from a ceiling mount similar to this one, but also have it on a track / rail system so I can move it closer or further from me if I choose (e.g., I decide to swap the TV out for a larger one, my lefty friend comes over, etc.).

    Has anyone done this? Or have any ideas of a design that will work?

    I will post photos / illustrations later that may better help illustrate what I'm trying to do.


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    This would essentially be the Tony Stark version of what I'm trying to do LOL:

    I only need it to go forward and backward assuming I can connect it to one of those telescoping ceiling mounts from Amazon which can go up and down.


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      There is someone on the forum that has a projector mounted on a track system they made so you can move it. I would assume you could do the same. I’ll try remember where I saw it. Guessing Simulator builds or under projectors.


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        Never mind I found it and see you had already seen and commented. Good luck with your project.