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Projector question

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  • Projector question

    I knew nothing about projectors prior to starting my first simulator build, which is nearing completion. That being said, I apologize if this is a dumb question (still learning)...

    I would like a short throw (or ultra short throw) projector to place on the floor in front of my mat. But in looking at projectors, I'm having a hard time determining which ones can be used on the floor and which ones can't.

    I bought a used short throw projector off ebay. However, after receiving it and fiddling around with it, it clearly has to be mounted on the ceiling or placed on a table. When placed on the floor, the image does not project upwards (unless I tilt the projector up toward the ceiling, and then the image looks like a trapezoid on the screen). So I'll need to ditch this one and try again.

    How do I determine which projectors can be used on the floor and which ones can't? I must be missing something in the product descriptions that indicates that. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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    There are a few short throw or ultra-short throw projectors on the market. The problem you will generally encounter with them is their lumen output and in some cases the price can be a bit prohibitive... Dell makes an Ultra Short throw laser 4k projector but its very expensive. The real question you should be asking is how much am I willing to spend?


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      This site will show you the throw length and which settings can be used;


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        SkeetShooter = I was under the impression that a lot of people used projectors on the floor for their setups. Is this not the case? Do most people use ceiling mounted ones? I guess I just thought the floors ones were pretty common. Sounds like I could be wrong about that? As far as how much I'm willing to spend ...... the one I bought off ebay was around $220. It works just fine and the picture looks great. But it can't be used on the floor. I'd really prefer not to spend much more than that (maybe 300 tops). There's an abundance of used projectors on ebay for under 300. The problem is, I have no idea which ones can be used on the floor and which ones can't.

        BGCurtis2nd = I know people are often referred to that projector central site, and I've been messing around with the different projectors. I know the throw ratio that I need. I just can't tell which of those projectors can be used on the floor and which can't. Is there something in the specs or product description that indicates whether or not it can be used on the floor? I've found a number of different models on there that would work for my dimensions and throw ratio, but it just isn't clear if they can be used on the ground or not. That's what I'm hoping to figure out.


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          If it shows ceiling or floor on there then it should be able to be used either way, you may have to go into your settings and change it. I know mine is setup so you can adjust for where it is mounted.

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        Just ceiling mount it asking as it doesn’t interfere with your swing. Most are ceiling mounted.


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          I think I may have figured it out. On the projector central site there is a box to check for "ceiling mount" which changes all your dimensions when you check or uncheck that box. So that's very helpful.

          Does that mean that every projector that displays that as an option can be both ceiling mounted and floor mounted? I would assume so, but I'm skeptical. Mostly because I haven't come across any yet that do not give both options. Also because while the model that I bought (Promethean PRM-35) is not listed, all of the other Prometheans give both options, even the ones that are clearly meant to be ceiling mounted based on the picture. (Even the Promethean PRM-32 gives both a floor and ceiling option and it is the closest thing to the one I have).

          I might be more confused than ever now.


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            Click image for larger version

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            3on3putt Show four adjustments under installation for Projection Front, Rear, Ceiling, Rear + Ceiling. Setting it to front should be the setting for your floor mount.


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              Let me ask this....

              Are there projectors that can be both floor mounted and ceiling mounted? Or is every projector either a floor or a ceiling?

              For instance, this one certainly appears to be designed to go on the ceiling (just by looking at the picture).

              But the calculator still allows you to select a floor option and it gives the dimensions for a floor mount. That's where I'm being thrown off. Not being able to tell which projectors can go on the floor and which ones can't.
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                The picture I posted was from the instructions manual for your projector, it shows the settings has for floor or ceiling mount, and front and rear projections. It also has Keystone correction but I did not see anything for offset.

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              You need to pay attention to the vertical offset, that will tell you how high the bottom of the image will be from the center of the lens. If you have 0 vertical offset it will just project straight ahead and you will have to tilt the projector upwards. I would say most mounted on the floor will need some sort of tilting upwards. You then make the image square via keystone correction.


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                Alright, what's the verdict on this guy?


                If I'm interpreting this correctly, I could place this 5 feet from the screen (on the floor) and it would display an image 108 inches wide by 81 inches tall. That would fill up 100% of my screen width and 75% of the height (using a 4:3 aspect ratio).

                The bottom of the image would be 5 inches higher than the lens when the projector is sitting on the floor.

                As far as the dimensions go, this would work just fine (if I'm interpreting it all correctly).

                Resolution is 1280x800. More would be great of course but this is just a starter simulator on a starter budget.

                Lumens is 3300. I removed one of the lights over the simulator to darken the room a little bit.

                Is there something that I'm failing to consider spec-wise? (Just need to confirm that it has an HDMI port)

                I found a slightly used one on ebay for $250 plus shipping. Good deal or no? (Originally retailed at over $1,000).

                Would you folks recommend this one?

                Thanks again for all the help and sorry for being such a stupid newb.


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                  Would the image not start at -5 ? So you need to tilt it up?


                  • simmb
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                    Ignore me I read the spec wrong

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                  Oh wow. I just saw the comment from BGcurtis about my projector having a floor option. This changes everything. I will mess with it tonight and report back. Thanks!


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                    Okay so I'm an idiot. Turns out the projector I bought will work perfectly. I didn't realize there were different settings for floor or ceiling positions. I thought each projector was just one or the other (but not both). I went back into the menu settings and found the "installation" feature and sure enough --- it works on the floor. And it works from exactly where I need it to be on the floor. Perfect.

                    Thanks to all who pitched in to help. Special shout out to BGCurtis2nd for helping me see the light.

                    I'll post some pics and do a little write-up in the build section once it's all together. Thanks again everyone and sorry I'm so clueless. Who knew this simulator stuff would require so much to learn!


                    • BGCurtis2nd
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                      Don't let anybody fool you we all start out at the same point, "Not knowing" that is what makes this forum great being able to find the information we need.