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Projector Floor Joist Mounting Help

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  • Projector Floor Joist Mounting Help

    Hello all... I am getting ready to build a simulator in my basement. I am using the space in the second picture below.

    The dimensions of the space will allow me an impact screen that is 10.5 ft wide by 8 feet tall. I have about 9 feet total height from floor to floor joists.

    This form has been awesome in answering most of my questions along the way. Here is what I am struggling with...

    Using the projector central calculator, I should be able to fill up close to the entire screen by mounting the projector on top of the beam shown in the first and third picture (between 6 and 7 feet from the screen). The third picture shows where I envision the projector. I have been using the Optoma projector for calculations and it is showing a vertical offset of 15 inches. This would require me to mount the projector higher up within the floor joists. I will also be building some sort of EMC cage to support my impact screen.

    My real concern is that the higher I raise the projector into the floor joists, the actual joists themselves may get in the way of the projector image. I did not know the first thing about projectors before I came here so really I am just looking for some re-assurance. I am also worried about the front top bar of the cage itself getting in the way of the image but if that is an issue, that is easy enough to change the design of since I already have a "cage" like space.

    Thoughts? Thank you all for your help. Looking forward to keeping the game sharp this winter.

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    A lot depends on your projector, if you could get on a step ladder and look through the area you planning to mount the projector in, you could see if it blocks things off, if you can see the full screen then the projector should be in the clear. I myself would be more worried about air circulation do not want to over heat the projector.


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      I agree. Take the projector for a test drive, grab a step ladder, get the projector running and manually hold it up about where you want to put it. Could save you a ton of screwing around, someone to hand you the projector while you're up on the ladder helps.

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    Appreciate the input!

    I am a a little worried about the lack of cooling as there will only be about an inch and a half (per side) of space between floor joists and projector. I was planning to put a small external fan next to the unit if overheating becomes an issue.

    I may just go the route of putting the simulator elsewhere.. I just liked that space because it already had a cage type structure.


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      I am in a very similar situation in my early planning. At a 16.9 aspect ratio I can get 13’9” wide x 7’9 high. I also have about 9’ to play with and am not thrilled about losing 15” on the top. Not sure if the Optoma GT1080 darbee has a vertical shift option or zoom option that will help eliminate the blank space. I have room to go wider and would just like to fill as much space as possible without losing too much quality. Feedback is appreciated.