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Congrats to @R3dlineR6 (NET) and @Fantastish (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 SPRING TOUR - RBC Canadian Open !

Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 SPRING TOUR - US Open with 3 rounds at Pebble Beach Golf Links ProTee :
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For Sale GSA PX5

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  • For Sale GSA PX5

    Camera based system that I recently had setup in the new stereoscopic version. System comes with the following: 1 halogen lights, all USB cords needed for the system, 1 H-CAM, 1 V-CAM, 1 Line Scan Camera, 1 photocell hitting mat (uses Fiberbuilt turf), 4 qty Infrared lights (I bought extra to help get full ball traces), Software disc (which includes GSA control panel, E6 30 day 1 course trial, ProX 1 course trial). I also have a very inexpensive projector that I bought from Amazon that I will throw in that I am no longer using. It is NOT a short throw, but it did the job for me for a year before I upgraded to a BenQ. I got a VERY good deal on a GC2 that I could not pass on, so I do not need two sims. Asking for $2900
    Line Scan and infrared lights H-CAM Halogen Light

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    New price. $2500 OBO


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      How did you like this set up compared to GC2? How long have you had it?


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        I believe I have had the system for almost 3 years. There is a lot to the PX5, and it isn't a plug and play system like the GC2. So it takes some time and patience to get everything dialed in correctly to the your environment. That being said, Martin over a GSA just came out with the Stereoscopic version of the PX5. That is the way that I had it configured before I got the GC2 and I felt it was very accurate. The new setup took a lot of the guess work and small tweaking out of it once I spent the 15 minutes to do the calibration table. The putting on the PX5 is quite a bit better than the GC2 in my opinion. There are the occasional weird/misreads that I saw on the PX5 that I have not seen on the GC2. I originally purchased the PX5 because I wanted a righty/lefty setup. Soon realized I really only know one lefty and he is on the opposite side of the state now. I just got such a good deal on the GC2 that I could not pass it up.


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          $2100 OBO. I am also going to throw this on Ebay as well.


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            New Price $1900 ( I have not posted it to Ebay yet but plan on doing it this week)


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              Sold. Please close this thread.