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Hitting turf inserts available - Quattro/YGT-3D and Monster mats

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  • Hitting turf inserts available - Quattro/YGT-3D and Monster mats

    I too have been testing out different hitting turf besides the tried and true Fiberbuilt. As a result I have some extra inserts available for sale. PM me your name & address if interested. I accept Venmo or PayPal.

    The prices below will include UPS Ground shipping to anywhere in continental US. First come first serve as I don't have many left.

    Turf: Wittek Quattro / YGT-3D mat (these mats appear to be identical. I specifically ordered the YGT-3D)
    1 left: 1x3 foot $70

    More info on these mats:


    Turf: Monster mat (discovered by HTDumps at PGA show)
    1x1 foot: $35
    1x2 foot: $60
    1x3 foot: $70
    1x4 foot: $80

    More info on this mat:

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    Quattro/YGT-3D insert is sold. I still have monster mat inserts left.


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      I just realized this should have been put in the classified section.. can it be moved? Sorry about that.


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        So you ended up going back to fiberbuilt? I am trying the ygt one now but find it too thin and my shots seem to go all the way through the mat. I may try it with some added foam underneath and see if that helps.


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          No I sold my Fiberbuilt when I was getting rid of a bunch of old sim stuff like netting, stance mats, etc. The guy really wanted it and offered me a good deal. Since I had several other turf options already I figured if I didn't end up liking any of these new mats I can just order new FB strips.

          FWIW between the YGT and monster mats I haven't yet felt the need to go to back FB.
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            Does these hold tees or do you need to cut out a hole for a rubber tee?


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              They do not hold tees very well. I would recommend one of the sit-on-top style tees but you could cut holes if you wanted...



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                I still have monster mat turf left if anyone is interested. Price includes shipping to US.

                More info on this mat:

                1x1 foot: $30
                1x2 foot: $50
                1x3 foot: $60
                1x4 foot: $75


                • Jwheels9876
                  Jwheels9876 commented
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                  I've been playing off this one for a while, it's a nice turf.

                • jerry3
                  jerry3 commented
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                  me too, one of the best ones available imo

                • BillG
                  BillG commented
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                  Hi Frodaddy00. It looks like they only sell a 5x5 and a 3x5 one now. I dont see anything on their website about the strips you have noted.

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                BillG I bought a 5x5 and had them cut it into 1x5 strips so others could give it a try. I picked it up at their factory here in GA last year then would cut smaller strips if people wanted them.


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                  Thanks. It would be great if all the sellers sold small sample sizes so you could try them out. Like paint swatches