TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @franks62591, @Chubbs and @Lefty71 winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Valspar Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Arnold Palmer Invitational with 3 rounds at Bay Hill Club and Lodge (Pro Tee) :
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    Originally posted by Dax View Post
    There are way too many variables that you would have to have as constants if you are trying to see if spin indoors or out are any (I.e. ball, mat, different strike on different days). I would argue that using the radar camera will not help in spin calls as the camera is too far away to capture any ball data that might help in doing a calculation.
    My next step is to take my leftover slab from my CCE mat to the range and compare. Another thing I'm doing soon is having a buddy of mine over with his Trackman. We are going to do a side by side comparison in my sim room.

    Speaking of my CCE mat, I'm now looking at different options. The hand and wrist have been sore and achy every since I started hitting a decent amount of balls.
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