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Flightscope Xi+ Short Indoor Driver questions

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  • Flightscope Xi+ Short Indoor Driver questions

    Hello fellow Flightscope users!

    I currently have a setup of 8 feet sensor to ball, and 8 feet ball to screen. My clubhead speed averages around 97-100MPH

    It appears that I have greater success/distance with my 3-wood and hybrids (I'm assuming this is due to ball speed). I may be able to accommodate my space to provide a little more ball flight. Obviously this will assist with some spin/flight numbers. However, what is the ideal distance you have all experienced? Do I need at least 10ft? Or do I need at least 13ft to notice any difference.

    I'm currently using my Flightscope to play JNPG. It works quite well. Best is used with slow/soft greens with an 8 stimp measuring. This is because most chips under 30 feet are too difficult to hit softly enough.

    I'd love to hear from other users of Flightscope and see your setups. I'll post pictures of mine later today.


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    Have an Xi Tour - but the sim room construction hasn't finished yet so no indoor experience to share. Hopefully up and running by the end of Dec.

    But didn't know JNPG even supported Flightscope - that's good to know. I'm going to start out with e6 but nice to know there are other options.


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      For the best results for Flight scope you need 9’ from LM TO TEE, THEN 13’ from tee to net