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Flightscope Xi + Taylormade - Can I play golf? What data can I expect? Any advice?

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  • Flightscope Xi + Taylormade - Can I play golf? What data can I expect? Any advice?

    So I sold my skytrak and picked up a Flightscope Xi+ Taylormade Tour Preferred unit.
    I get the unit working with my iPad, and I have time to hit a single half wedge shot. My space is limited, it was perfect for a Skytrak, and in theory works with short indoor mode. So I hit my half wedge, and I got all the data available from the Xi Tour (club path, club Plane, etc etc) I turned off the unit since I had to get my kids in bed. The next day I set it up to let my 3 year old play (he loves the target practice, he asks me to setup the tablet for him, he loves hitting on the green!) so I watched him hit, and I got the ball speed, carry, roll, total distance lateral, time, spin, spin axis, V Launch, H Launch, V Descent, and Height. I hit a few and got the same data. I'm guessing I didn't get club data because there wasn't a direct line from the unit to my club at the time. But I'm still curious if anyone else has this unit and knows what data I should be getting? Also, if correct setup will affect what data I get?

    I will be going to galaxy tomorrow to try it on the open bay with plenty of space.

    My other question is can I play E6 or other golf software using my taylormade flightscope? I want to set it up to get a small league going for my friends (I know putting doesn't really work, but it would still be fun) I'm going to contact flightscope as well, but I figured there must be other guys out there with toys same unit.

    Any advice on setup or information for a new user would also be appreciated


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    Indoors or outdoors doesn't effect the collection of the club data, only ball data. Xi+ might give club head speed but it doesn't give all the full club data so don't expect anything more outdoors than you got indoors. To get full club data you'd need to upgrade to the Xi Tour level functionality - which actually can be done with the Xi+ units so no need to change hardware. You'd just have to call up Flightscope, pay the upgrade cost (sorry, don't know what it is - I think around $3k) then they can unlock that functionality in your unit.

    Well, I'm assuming that the Taylormade branded unit has the same functionality as the regular Xi+. If that's not the case, you'd have to contact flightscope support to clear things up.

    You can play E6 v1.6 (E6 connect integration for anything but the X3 has not yet been done last I checked). No putting or chipping. Anytime you get near the green it will auto-complete the hole for you - wont even give you a chance to try and chip.

    Also pretty sure JNPG also supports the Xi+/Xi tour as another possibility.
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      Club data availability varies with Xi+. I PM'd you about this. Nothing illegal I assure you.


      • StuartG
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        Not challenging whether it is or not - but if isn't what's the point of the PM? Why not just put the information here in the thread so everyone can benefit from it instead of just the OP?

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      I just don't want to lose it myself! Just not sure if this is the safest place to divulge this info hahaha

      However, I suppose it won't hurt and since you asked:

      If you open the software before turning on the Flightscope, several club data parameters show up on my screen (swing path, face to path, face to target). At least on my laptop with the PC software. Although, with the PC software on my desktop, the only extra data parameter that shows is club path.

      The only difference between the two computers is Windows 7 vs. Windows 10??? So I'm not sure why one shows more than the other??? Very confusing.

      With all of this said, the second I try to switch screens, all the club data will disappear. So It's very limited, but serves a good purpose and assists me.


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        There are TaylorMade Versions of the Xi+ that were produced prior to the release of the Xi tour. They are fully unlocked giving you all the data points of the Xi tour, these are labeled as Tour Preferred. Then there were TaylorMade Xi+ versions that were made available to TaylorMade fitters and these were labeled at Tuned Performance which don't include all the club data.

        The Flightsope has to be properly aligned with the target line to get accurate club data.


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          That's what I think I have. Mind you, I ordered it directly from Flightscope via their Canadian rep. Under club settings, there is an option to select a TM R11.... Which leads me to believe that I possibly have one of those versions?????


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            Thank you all for the help!

            So I figured out (at least I think I did) what the difference was. I'm hitting in a small space in my front room. When I put the flightscope towards the right side of my hitting mat, there is nothing to interfere with the flightscope. When I position my mat in the middle of my room, the flightscope is positioned so there is a wooden railing kind in between the top of my swing and the flightscope. When I go into my local golf store, there is a lot more space, so I get all the data all the time. I get it at home now that I know what the issue was.

            Sometimes the spin numbers are off, but overall I am very impressed. I am using short indoor in a space that isn't quite big enough, but the data I'm getting is better than I got from my skytrak. It seems very accurate for hitting indoors on a golf mat.

            I compared the flightscope to the GC2, and the club and ball data were pretty similar. Sometimes the ball data was different. but I think if I got the reflective stickers for the ball the flightscope would be even better than the GC2. Without them, the GC2 seemed to be a little more consistently accurate than the flightscope. Has anyone else compared them at the same time? The club data from the flightscope was far superior to the club data estimates from the GC2 (as expected)


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              You mean GC2 w/ HMT? GC2 by itself doesn't measure any club data, so if there is no HMT then Flightscope will always be more accurate for club data. It might show a club head speed but that's just calculated from ball speed using a fixed smash factor - so not something that anyone should pay any attention to (or have any kind of expectations about accuracy).

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              Yeah sorry for not clarifying, I meant the GC2 estimations since they don't have HMT. Ball data seemed fairly accurate with the GC2 though. I'm excited to try flightscope with the stickers, seems like the only way to use it at home/indoors. (can't really use them on the range it seems, that would get expensive fast)

            • StuartG
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              If gc2 club speed is accurate for you, it's just pure luck that your impact conditions happen to match their assumptions ;-)

              And stickers are not needed on the range. Flightscope will get accurate spin data w/o them from tracking the ball flight a lot further than it can indoors.

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            You must use the stickers if you want spin data inside. Without it it won’t measure properly because there is not enough room.
            GC2 Eastern Time Zone, USA


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              You'll still get spin data inside w/o the stickers. It's not as accurate w/o the stickers so not ideal, but assuming a proper set-up (at least the minimum space for unit to tee and tee to screen) the numbers are typically still fairly reasonable. Just tend to be a bit more inconsistent. Some lower quality mats can actually have a greater effect on the spin than leaving the sticker off the ball.
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