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Mevo+ Cold Temperature Question

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  • Mevo+ Cold Temperature Question

    Hi Everyone! I saw that Scott Hogan posted a video on youtube about his Mevo Plus flashing 3 or 4 yellow lights when he was running it in his garage. I'm getting close to ordering a Mevo Plus but I'm worried about running it in January in the really cold temperatures (-20 degrees Celsius is easy and regular here in January, February). The concern is because I'd have to leave the unit about 6 inches in front of my garage door due to the garage setup I have, the coldest part of the garage. Does anyone have any experience with it flashing yellow lights due to the cold? Thanks in advance!

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    Mine flashes yellow when the battery is running hot; when I have it charging while playing is when this typically occurs. I wouldn't think having it cold would be a problem, might even help keep the batteries cooler.


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      Hmmmmm... good point about overheating!!!! I wonder if that many yellow flashing lights is just a general problem with temperature?? Thanks!!


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        Why not just move it away from the door when not in use?


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          Oh definitely. I just meant while using it... would the cold weather outside the garage door affect it’s performance or if anyone knew of such a thing.


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            Curious about this too. Any issues with it working outdoor in freezing or slightly below freezing conditions in the Northeast?


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              You're not really going to be playing golf in your garage when it's -20, are you?

              After making the investment in my garage sim I decided I absolutely needed a garage heater. That solved a lot of potential problems.


              • JayJo13
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                Noob20 hard to know what the issue but I would imagine there is a lot of ways for the heat to escape in that tent, With no air intake and no insulation it would be tough to heat that space. That is a huge tent - what are the dimensions of the tent? more importantly the height?

                I would also suggest the distance issue were directly related to the temperature. That's a real thing in golf losing that much distance in cold weather.

              • Noob20
                Noob20 commented
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                JayJo13 The tent is enormous. 17'x14' with a height of 10'. I'm going to try a kerosene blower heater like the ones on job sites. Even if its just to heat the place and then warm it after 6-9 holes. Flightscope wrote back and said that operating limits are 0-40 degrees celsius so I guess I'm out of limits. Although if the tent is heated, that might solve that problem.

                Regarding the Mevo+, I have over 9.5' of ball flight, with the Mevo+ 7' from the tee. Do you think that affects distance with drivers, etc? I could get 8' from unit to tee, but then I will lose a foot of ball flight, which I understood to be more important.

              • GungHoGolf
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                Tee to Mevo+ distance of 7' is fine, and won't affect driver reads. Unless you're seeing driver spin north of 3,500 and vertical launch angles north of 20 deg, you're short due to the temp - it affects both the ball and your body (due to being cold, and more restrained in warm clothing).