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Mevo+ transmitter power

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  • Mevo+ transmitter power

    From the user manual:

    ”output power (EIRP) 24dBm +/- 3dBm USA 17dBm +/-3dBm EU”

    So 40 % more transmitter power in the US. How does this affect the range the radar sees (24 GHz)?

    If I understand correctly Mevo+ follows the ball only partially. So is it capable of better performance in the States due to more allowed power output?

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    That would be a good question to ask FlightScope directly: support [at]
    - Ron at


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      I did but thought it would be a good one here, too.


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        Answer from Flightscope:

        The Mevo+ is not a full tracking radar and users would not see the difference between the US and European built.

        When the transmit power is less a lot of the time the signal to noise level is smaller leading to a cleaner signal.

        Which means we get mostly the same performance from both.”