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What are the best FSX Courses

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  • What are the best FSX Courses

    I have run across peoples opinions of the best FSX courses in different threads . I have several courses and many of them seem the same.
    I just upgraded to FSX2018 and got Pebble Beach for free with the Black Friday deal. I played Pebble once and it was OK, nothing great.
    I like Doral and Oakmont and Teyton Pines. I do not like Royal Troon, seems to play to hard and has odd situations you can get yourself in, software glitch kind of stuff.

    I have been playing on a 55" TV. This year I upgraded to a Carl's 13 x 10 Cage with a Optoma GT1080 Darbee projector. I am still waiting for the screen but it should be pretty good.
    I have a group that plays every Wednesday night, the same guys I play with in Golf league over the summer, it is a blast. I set it up in an industrial building so we break out the cigars and beer without problem.

    I'd like to add a couple courses. What are the tops picks?



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    Detroit Bill Seems the best courses have a lot to do with the person playing them and what they like or dislike, my wife hates anything with a water carry. Due to circumstances beyond my control my sims room is now packed full of furniture and other belongings so I am shut down on using my GC2 indoors for right now. But one of the courses I went for in my package was Royal Troon, because of having it on some past units I had used and liking the layout of it. Only got to play a partial round on it with a 1080p projector but I didn't run into any problems that I recall, and was looking forward to using my 4K monitor to see how well it looked on it. Hope someone can give you better advice on courses than I can, but I would be interested in hearing more about the glitches you encountered.


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      Like BG said it really comes down to preference. Pebble is one of the best so itf that is just Ok I don't know how much better you're gonna get. Personally I think Pebble is way better than Doral or Oakmont. It's that personal thing right? I'd check out my site <---- and try and narrow down a few. Once you have a few you want to choose between we can offer suggestions. There are some nice looking courses but the greens are so crazy you can't really play them without either slowing them way down or just getting super frustrated.


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        I have 11 courses so perhaps my viewpoint is limited. I also only played pebble once. I have watched your videos, they are great and you are doing a great service for us all. Thanks.


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          WOW, I was sitting on the couch watching MMlincon videos. Looking through them I guess I tend to like the courses that are not tight. They can have water but if they are forested it makes league go very slow. I don’t mind playing any course with a limited group.
          We also tend not to putt. I never felt it provided any practice so the added times was deemed not worth it.

          When I am by myself, I put it on auto putt. When we play in league, we put it in manual and give 1 putt for anything inside 10 feet and 2 putts for greater than 10 feet. Sounds like nothing but it generates a lot of drama when it is happening.

          From the number I got through I thought the following were interesting.

          FSX Coeur d'Alene Resort
          FSX Ballyowen
          FSX Abu Dhabi Golf Club
          FSX Hanauma Cliffs
          FSX Carnoustie
          FSX Royal Birkdale Golf Club
          FSX YiShan Golf Club
          FSX Woodloch Springs

          Any suggestions of good ones to look at would be appreciated.


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            Ha! I know what you mean with the tree'd courses with a group. It can start to get painful! I put some notes to each on your list....

            FSX Coeur d'Alene Resort <--- This local to me so most guys want to play this one when they come over. We might be playing it today in fact.
            FSX Ballyowen <--- I like this course. The greens are fair and if you turn off lie penalties you can be wild. There is some water so it adds a challenge on a few holes.
            FSX Abu Dhabi Golf Club <--- You'll probably like this one since you like Doral. It's much improved with the latest revamp as well - looks real nice.
            FSX Hanauma Cliffs <---- Probably the worse one on your list, not bad mind you but there are better ones. It is unique being the only Hawiian course FSX has but lots of OB
            FSX Carnoustie <---- Fairly similar to Troon but a little more open
            FSX Royal Birkdale Golf Club <---- This is a great links course with a more rolling terrain. Green are fair and it's fun to play.
            FSX YiShan Golf Club <--- Been a while since I played this but I remember it being pretty darn good
            FSX Woodloch Springs <----- Nice course but lots of elevation changes and fairly tight. Not really a swing away course, more target oriented.

            Tree lined but pretty roomy is the Olazabel course, I really like this one, it's very pretty as well.
            Probably my favorite links course is Castle Stuart, don't know why just is.


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              Awesome thanks for the input. I’ll watch the rest of the videos and put some more up for comment if you don’t mind.


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                yep, no prob

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              I had some more time to look at courses and I found the following interesting


              Spring City Mountain Course


              Mission Hills - Olazabal Course


              There is a lot there. Its really hard to select.


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                After watching all the flyovers it makes me think that going that on every hole might add to the realism of the experience.


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                  Those are all solid choices. If I have to pick three from the list it would be Kingbarns, Spring City Mountain and the Olazabal Course. I know it's tough to decide. That's why I got all of them now I don't have to worry about it and can just buy the new ones as they come out. Not that I would recommend that for most people, there really is no need to have them all.


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                    I'm new and just ordered a GCQuad, I hope I won't miss that kidney. I realized that there might be a Cyber Monday special at 11:45 pm on Monday, and checked Foresight's site. I panicked bought the 10 pack and selected the following courses based on diversity, history and from what I could vaguely determine to be level of polish and attention to detail. If there is a big mistake on this list, I'm all ears and could probably make a switch before I download them I'm guessing.

                    1: Carnoustie Golf Links
                    2: Celtic Manor
                    3: Congressional Country Club
                    4: Doral Blue Monster
                    5: Hanauma Cliffs Golf Course
                    6: Merion Golf Club
                    7: Oakmont Country Club
                    8: Quail Hollow Club
                    9: Wentworth West Golf Course
                    10: Emirates Golf Club-Majlis

                    In addition to these, I will have the standard courses included with FSX 2018 as well as Pebble Beach, Spyglass and Spanish Bay


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                      That is a good mix of courses. Note that Wentworth West is very difficult especially from the tips. It will penalize any type of mishit and the greens are tough. Great PGA level course though. You don't really have any courses with big elevation changes. You'll get some of that with Spyglass though.


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                        Thanks, your YouTube flybys were key in my 15 minutes of panicked decision making. What courses would you consider to be fine examples of the following?

                        1: Big elevation changes
                        2: Easy, wide open fairways with simple greens and few trees/trouble (think kid friendly)


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                          Originally posted by SNEAK BIRD View Post
                          Thanks, your YouTube flybys were key in my 15 minutes of panicked decision making. What courses would you consider to be fine examples of the following?

                          1: Big elevation changes
                          2: Easy, wide open fairways with simple greens and few trees/trouble (think kid friendly)
                          If I’m not playing great, one of my favourites is Quarry at Giants Ridge.
                          Lots of hills in that, and quite forgiving. Also, easy greens too.
                          Mission Hills - Olazabal has lots of elevation changes too, and if fairly easy.


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                            Yep, Totteridge is another that comes to mind.