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Congrats to @Wes B45 (NET) and @Chris Knoop (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am !

Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - Genesis Open with 2 rounds at Riviera Country Club White Tees :
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  • Gc4

    one the local pro shops told me they recently demo'd the new GC4 last week. It has the GC2 and HMT integrated into one unit. He said it's pretty slick and has four cameras now. Release in February 2017. Looks like my GC2 and HMT will be on the market soon.

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    Do you know if there anything different or better about the new gc4 performance wise outside of them combining them in to one machine?


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      This one will be hard on the bank account.


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        I imagine 8k minimum? Up to 10k? Just guessing. If they could do it for 6-7 that would be interesting.


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          can't wait! Looking forward to a gently used, well cared for used GC2! :-)


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            Let me know when you're selling the hmt :-)


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              About time they came with this. Knowing Foresight, my guesse is that it will be about the same price as the GC2/HMT combo we have now. You guys remember GC2 T? Look it up. We were all excited about their new T box marker system hoping it would be cheaper than the standard GC2 but disappointed to find it was the same cost. Hopefully they sell it at a lower price point but who knows.
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              • Point280
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                Agreed! I don't realistically see them lowering the price on their existing products. I think $15k is spot on. Of course you'll need to fork out another $2,500 on top of that for their FSX software. This will be their (price) competitor for Trackman 4 indoor/outdoor. Not sure how they'd eliminate the stickers (it would be cool if they did), but I could see them touting an improved flash, cameras, battery and portability.

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              I'd guess this will be in the 14-16K range. Foresight will charge you for the convenience of a single device. I don't see why anyone with an existing system would upgrade unless they managed to do away with the club stickers. Other than that I'm not sure what all they could add to the existing setup. Maybe a better battery/flash. I'd be surprised if their tolerances improve much.


              • Cklguy2013
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                Yes I was thinking 15 k as well.

              • Bubba22
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                Completely agree mm.

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              TM4 is more than TM3. I bet this is more. Now if they can get rid of the stickers they have my attention.

              Heres the rub. Someone said almost a year ago they were maybe launching it at the PGA show. I wonder if it exists


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                Other than it definitely being more can DEFINITELY bet that the bluetooth traffic will be encrypted.

                Probably with quantum encryption somehow.


                • mthunt
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                  LMAO. You are so right. There won't even be Bluetooth.

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                I got the feeling from the Foresight rep that something was in the works when I talked to him this summer.

                When I asked if anything new was coming, he replied "we are always working on new stuff." Just by the way he said it, I absolutely got the idea that something was coming.

                No way in hell that they lower the price. As frustrating as it is for us as consumers, Foresight is selling these things as fast as they can make them right now. When I bought in July, there was a two week wait due to the PGA Tour Superstore just signing on.

                Speaking of Foresight, anyone care to bet that this thing works great from day one, unlike a lot of the other stuff that has been released lately?

                I'm also betting that they don't screw with the Bluetooth. As per my conversations with them, it's not nearly as big of an issue for them as some here make it out to be. As long as they sell FSX (which I wanted anyway), they don't care what you do with it.
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                • goatbarn
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                  As far as the bluetooth goes, I don't know if I believe that they'll intentionally leave bluetooth traffic unencrypted. They encrypted the USB traffic on the GC2, but not the bluetooth. I can't see how that would be done on purpose this time around. I get that they're selling more units with people using TGC and PG, but I don't see how any company would allow a 3rd party to jump in and profit off of an exploit on purpose. Every expensive device that uses bluetooth I've ever used is encrypted. Flightscope was encrypted.

                • FaultyClubs
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                  Davray has said the gc2 USB data is not encrypted.

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                I was speaking to Foresight today when I was ordering some more courses for FSX.

                The GCQ (Q for Quadrascopic!) is going to be announced at the PGA show in Orlando, and is currently going through testing with the retailers.
                The price point is thought to be around $18k - although this isn't confirmed yet. The GC2 will stay in the market at the same price point.


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                  It figures... Come on on ES16!!!
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                    Now officially called GCQ(for quad) as noted above. It's one unit (fairly big footprint). Cameras are faster frame rates than GC2 and HM is integrated. Price is $18,000


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                      Ouch 18000