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R-Motion Alternative Clips

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  • R-Motion Alternative Clips

    Some existing discussion here: Hacking the clip

    I received my R-motion (just today), and definitely see the need to have one on every golf club (way to painful moving the sensor and clip to each club).

    I have made two attempts (without much success) and onto my third (printing now).
    I found that blu tak (tic tak) came off when I hit the ball (flying sensor in the process).

    Here is my evolution of design, keen for some feedback, other ideas...

    Here is my 1st version:

    Unfortunately this was a bit flimsy and didn't hold in the sensor well enough. Also the clip was too fine, and did not work so well.

    Here is my 3rd version, currently printing:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	510807fc-86a3-4f44-a13d-583c040a84c6.PNG
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.png
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Size:	185.9 KB
ID:	265168

    I designed these all in Fusion 360. Happy to share the files with anyone, or the .stl for 3d printing if interested.

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    Looks good. How are you securing the clip to the shaft?


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      Originally posted by braycobb View Post
      Looks good. How are you securing the clip to the shaft?
      Just going to use a couple of zip ties. Possibly going o use a thin bit of tape to the shaft underneath before I zip it on, so it doesn't slide around.

      I saw a design of a guy selling some on ebay, but the m4 bolt (I think m4 or m5), would add a bit of extra weight (possibly significant),
      so I figured an all plastic design, using plastic zip ties might be a good approach.

      I printed 4 last night, so will give them a swing today


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        Also the main thing I like about my design, which I hadn't seen was I added a 'fin', on the top to help with the alignment.


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          Hey @melbournegolfer, You should integrate the top half of my design onto yours. The sensor actually has a "nub" to lock it into a notch on the track. I'll send you the ipt, you should be able to open that in Fusion 360.


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            melbournegolfer and jason25 I have a resin printer and would love to give your models a try. I was going to model my own....but why reinvent the wheel.

            would love to see how the resin performs vs plastic. Could be a good alternative for the group here and I can print dozens relatively quick.

            let me know if you can share the STLs
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            • jason25
              jason25 commented
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              PM sent for the stl

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            Is that possible to share the stl to the general public?



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              Would love the model, just got the R-Motion and the clips are sold out everywhere.


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                I would love the stl also! No need in redesigning the wheel! This is my favorite one I've seen.


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                  Would love to try this out. It will be great if you can provide the model.



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                    Please share the .stl file. Thanks for your work!


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                      How did the testing go?

                      I'd love the .STL file as well, the R-motion is pretty much the only thing available right now.